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Officials at China's Zhengzhou Zoo said the death of a female giant panda was found to be tied to bacteria and toxoplasma infection.
Cancer research in the weightlessness of space could help develop drugs targeting tumors that don't respond to current treatments, a U.S. journal reports.
Ancestors of North America's indigenous peoples paused en route from Asia, spending 10,000 years on the Bering Land Bridge, now under the sea, researchers say.
Pandas face a new threat to their survival, U.S. researchers say -- livestock, particularly horses, are horning in on pandas' critical bamboo buffet.
Palm oil production, under fire from environmentalists concerned about deforestation in the tropics, is also a source of greenhouse gases, U.S. scientists say.
Instruments strapped onto and ingested by sharks show how the feared but largely misunderstood ocean predators swim, eat and live, U.S. researchers say.
Climate change may have been behind the decline of some Bronze Age "megacities" built by a civilization in Pakistan and India, scientists say.
The scale of the radioactive water plume from the Fukushima disaster on the west coast of North America should be known in the next two months, researchers say.
U.S. chip maker Intel, which doesn't have much presence in the mobile market, says it is close to a deal to provide LTE chips for some Samsung Galaxy S5 phones.
Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S5 smartphone in Spain, publicizing faster data connections, bigger display, improved camera and a built-in fingerprint sensor.
Smartphone companies can live or die based on the sales success, or lack of it, of their "flagship" phone -- as HTC found to its cost when the HTC One wowed reviewers but under-wowed consumers -- so all eyes will be on Barcelona in Spain when Samsung unveils it Galaxy S5 this week.
Legal harvests of marine turtles exceed 42,000 a year but illegal fishing and bycatch are much bigger threats to the endangered animals, British scientists say.
A planned dam across the Mekong River in Laos could threaten the existence of critically endangered dolphins in downstream Cambodia, conservationists warn.
A U.S. conservation group says it applauds Indonesia for its decision to protect two of the world's largest ray species from fishing and trade in the country.
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC says it will unveil its next flagship smartphone, the successor to its HTC One, March 25.
The tech rumor mill, which never sleeps and is ever hungry for new fodder, has cranked up with a new target in its sights -- Google's next "pure-Android" flagship phone, the Nexus 6.
A fossil of a giant marine reptile known as an ichthyosaur may show evidence of the oldest live reptilian birth ever seen, U.S. paleontologists say.
China's lunar rover Yutu -- or Jade Rabbit – has been officially declared dead, a statement on a state-run news agency website said.
The United Nations says it is focusing on education strategies to promote greater online safety for children and young people as part of Safer Internet Day.
U.S. conservationists are applauding a "smart" program helping protect tigers, elephants and other wildlife species in the forests of Thailand.
After decades of concern about population explosion, U.S. scientists are warning of a new, long-term, and hidden global menace -- a household explosion.
Unexpectedly strong Pacific trade winds have temporarily halted the rate of global warming, say Australian researchers who caution it won't last.
Winter Olympics sponsor Samsung, which is giving every participant a Galaxy Note 3, denied it told athletes to cover up iPhone logos at the opening ceremony.
U.S. predominance in science and technology eroded during the last decade as many Asian nations increased their innovation capacities, a report indicates.
Japan's Sony Corp. announced it is leaving the shrinking PC market and is selling its Vaio personal computer division to a Japanese investment fund.
Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC has confirmed that it will be launching at least one wearable computer gadget by end of 2014.
North Korea's latest version of its state-mandated computer operating system bears a striking resemblance to Apple's Mac OS X platform, Web watchers say.
People in communities in western India say they are prepared to relocate their homes and families to help conserve tigers, British researchers report.
Google, which bought Motorola Mobility in 2011 for $12.5 billion, announced last week it is selling the smartphonemaker to PC manufacturer Lenovo for $2.9 billion. Bad deal? Perhaps not, experts are saying: Think patents, not hardware.
The European Space Agency says it's joining an effort to coordinate a global response should a threatening asteroid ever be found heading toward Earth.
A new dinosaur characterized using fossil remains from northwestern China was among the largest creatures ever to live on Earth, paleontologists say.
Discarded shopping bags and other plastic waste can be turned into liquid fuel for vehicles using a relatively low-temperature process, Indian researchers say.
Samsung may unveil a rival to the Google Glass wearable computer before the year is over, Korea Times reported.
A mascot for the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia is bringing needed attention to the plight of endangered snow leopards, a U.S. conservation biologist says.
Phablet. Odd word, that. A mashup of smartphone and tablet, it's one of those construct words that pop up when technology moves too fast for the language and creates a niche genre of products for which there's no handy existing label.
Southeast Asia tropical forests, long thought unaffected by humans in the past, have in fact been shaped by humans for the last 11,000 years, scientists say.
Indonesian officials say they arrested an international wildlife trader who specialized in smuggling baby primates, Komodo dragons and other protected wildlife.
A quarter of the world's cartilaginous fish, namely sharks and rays, face extinction within the next few decades through overfishing, Canadian scientists say.
Human error probably caused a glitch in China's Great Firewall that saw millions of Internet users ironically rerouted to a U.S. security website, experts say.
Twenty-eight percent of people online say they use some sort of privacy tool for their Internet browsing sessions, a British market research firm reports.
Extreme air pollution in Asia is having an effect on weather and climate patterns around the world, researchers at Texas A&M University report.
Chinese archaeologists say they have discovered the country's earliest mathematics document, written on bamboo more than 2,200 years ago.
Japanese astronomers report a ring of dust and gas surrounding a distant star may be in the process of forming a giant planetary system.
Names, social security numbers and credit card details from 20 million South Koreans have been stolen and sold to marketing firms, authorities say.
Despite a common view of large old trees as unproductive, a study has found the world's oldest trees are growing faster and sequestering more carbon as they age.
The oil/gas industry, scientists and conservationists have worked to produce a way to minimize seismic survey impacts on rare whales, a conservation group says.
Two hackers previously jailed for creating the "joss-stick burning panda" computer virus were sentenced in China for running an online gambling operation.
Seventeen types of aquatic plant life can help remove radioactive materials from the atmosphere, Japanese scientists reported.
The elephant shark offers clues on factors influencing bone formation and immune system development in cartilaginous fish, Singapore researchers said.
Computer scientists in India have created image-based mobile phone alerts for extreme weather they say could prevent casualties in cyclones.
Residents of a Russian town are working on knitting the country's largest woolen hat to celebrate the Sochi Olympic torch passing through the town.
Spraying water into the air from sprinklers on tall buildings and towers, like watering a garden, could cut air pollution in Chinese cities, a scientist says.
South Korea's LG says its 2014 smart televisions will run a version of the webOS operating system initially developed for Palm smartphones.
Chinese scientists report they've cultivated a high-yield, salt-resistant rice variety that boosts output to almost 2 1/2 tons per acre.
Four out of 5 world leaders use Twitter, an annual ranking of the use of social media among world leaders by the Digital Policy Council found.
China's Yutu rover on the surface of the moon is visible in an image captured by a camera on a NASA satellite orbiting the moon, scientists say.
China says it will have 30 satellites in its Beidou navigation system by 2020 to improve accuracy to within inches to better compete with the U.S.GPS.
Researchers in Singapore say they've developed new computer memory that can store more data and keep it intact 20 times longer than current magnetic memory.
Seismic activity suggests one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia may erupt again, keeping evacuees from returning home, officials say.
NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency say they've set a launch date for a satellite intended to improve environmental research and weather forecasts.
Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, has a security flaw that could let malicious software track emails and record data communications, experts say.
A surge in Internet traffic at Christmas likely will break records and make 2013 the most digital holiday period ever, U.K. service provider Virgin Media says.
Australia says it will send a surveillance plane to the Antarctic Ocean to monitor possible conflicts between Japanese whaling ships and environmentalists.
China sent the first Bolivian communications satellite into orbit early Saturday morning from the Xichang launch center, officials said.
Crop yields to feed a growing global population may have reached a maximum in some parts of the world, researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln report.
South Korea's LG Electronics says it will unveil an all-in-one desktop PC running Google's Chrome operating system at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.
NASA says satellite photos of a brand new volcanic island that sprang from the ocean near Japan show it has grown in size and may survive for a long period.
The domestication of cats into the household tabbies we live with today began with Chinese farmers 5,300 years ago, U.S. researchers say.
South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has announced a mid-range Android smartphone with several accessibility options for the visually impaired.
A forecast of the world's creation of e-waste says the global volume of end-of-life electronics is expected to jump one-third to 65.4 million tons by 2017.
Chinese scientists claimed "complete success" of their Chang'e-3 lunar probe mission after its Jade Rabbit robot rover and lander began transmitting pictures.
Sediments deposited in a coastal cave in Sumatra are a record of giant Indian Ocean tsunamis occurring over thousands of years, scientists say.
Archaeologists say they've unearthed a 1,200-year-old large ceramics kiln, known as a dragon kiln, in China's eastern province of Jiangxi.
A $250 million Earth observation satellite developed by China and Brazil was lost Monday as it launched from the Taiyuan space center in China, officials said.
A new species of cockroach that can endure freezing temperatures has been found living in New York, scientists said.
An extremely thin layer of clay sediment below the ocean floor was a primary cause of the tsunami associated with the 2011 Japan earthquake, researchers say.
A Neolithic city was unearthed Wednesday in east China's Anhui province, archaeologists said, and has been dated as 4,500 years old.
A European satellite that mapped the Earth's gravity has revealed the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011 left a "scar" on Earth's gravity, scientists say.
A U.S. patent filing by South Korea's Samsung suggests the company is investigation using eye recognition technology for authenticating users of its devices.
More than 700 million people are playing online games worldwide, a state of the industry report by a Dutch gaming company says.
China and India have taken big strides in space, with the former launching its first lunar probe and the latter catapulting a spacecraft toward Mars.
India's unmanned Mars orbiter spacecraft left Earth orbit early Sunday and is headed to the Red Planet, mission officials said.
China's largest desert freshwater lake is drying up at an accelerated rate due to coal mining and climate change, researchers say.
Samsung is reportedly planning to release the successor to its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone in early 2014, a South Korean tech website reports.
Archaeologists say they've begun examining the wreck of an ancient Chinese merchant ship currently preserved in a giant tank of water.
A Japanese company has unveiled its concept of a lunar solar power generation installation that could send 13,000 continuous terawatts of power back to Earth.
Ongoing climate change and warming could increase the occurrences of extreme weather in the region of the Indian Ocean, climatologists say.
The European Space Agency says its tracking station will lend a hand to China when that country launches a mission to put a rover on the moon.
Sony is working on a "heads-up" technology dubbed a "SmartWig" with sensors to detect things like blood pressure and brain waves, a U.S. patent filing shows.
Chinese archaeologists say they've excavated fortifications surrounding the largest Neolithic Chinese city ever discovered.
Acer unveiled its first touch-screen Chromebook Tuesday, aimed at users comfortable with the touch and swipe paradigm of interacting with a computer.
Chinese smartphone maker ZTE will join the rush of companies making a smartwatch and bring out its own low-cost version, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Global warming could go on for centuries even with a complete stop of CO2 emissions and then stabilize at an even higher temperature, a Swiss scientist says.
Archaeologists working in Nepal say they've uncovered evidence of the world's earliest Buddhist shrine linking the life of the Buddha to a specific century.
The two U.S., one Japanese and three Russian crew members on the International Space Station will enjoy a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, NASA says.
Environmental advocacy groups have walked out on U.N. climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, to protest what they called slow action and lack of commitment.
Astronomers using a telescope in Chile and the Hubble telescope say they've have observed a trio of primitive galaxies nearly 13 billion light-years from Earth.
South Korea's LG says it is investigating allegations some of its TVs send details about owners' viewing habits back to the manufacturer.
Sony says it is addressing technical glitches in some PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, which sold a million units on their first day on sale in North America.
Carbon emissions will increase again this year, reaching a record 36 billion tons, figures released in Britain by the Global Carbon Project indicate.
Japan's Sony says more than 1 million of its PlayStation 4 videogame consoles were snapped up by customers on its first day of sale.
A supercomputer built by the Chinese government has retained its crown as the world's most powerful system in the latest ranking by a German university.
A study has identified the protected areas of the globe most critical to preventing extinctions of the world's mammals, birds and amphibians, scientists say.
World governments must make concrete funding commitments to tackle the effects of climate change, a U.N. expert has told a climate conference in Warsaw.
An object found in radio telescope searches masquerading as one galaxy is in fact two, closely superimposed in the sky, Canadian astronomers say.
Global ocean acidity may increase by 170 percent by the end of the century, bringing significant economic losses, experts conclude in an international report.
A 4 million-year-old fossil in Tibet of a new big cat species, the oldest ever found, fills a significant gap in the fossil record, paleontologists report.
A wildlife conservation group said a saola, an animal so rare it was dubbed the "Asian unicorn," was photographed by remote cameras in a Vietnamese forest.
Astronomers may have answered a longstanding question about enigmatic jets of matter emitted by black holes, a British scientific journal reports.
Island habitats, home to about 20 percent of the world's biodiversity, are under threat of total submersion with climate change, French researchers warn.
Typhoon Haiyan may have created a carbon "burp" as it uprooted large swaths of Philippine forest, releasing carbon into the atmosphere, scientists say.
Mathematics and logistics can improve relief efforts like those under way after Typhoon Haiyan plowed through the Philippines, a U.S. scientist says.
Two workers at Russia's only space center have died while carrying out routine work cleaning out a propellant tank, defense officials said Tuesday.
India's space agency said it successfully completed the fourth orbit raising maneuver of its Mars Orbiter Tuesday morning, overcoming an earlier minor glitch.
The Montreal Protocol, which since the 1990s has banned ozone-depleting substances, is credited with a slowdown in climate warming, researchers say.
The next generation of iPhones from U.S. tech juggernaut Apple may feature screens that are large -- and curved, a source has told Bloomberg.
A Russian Soyuz spacecraft brought three International Space Station crew members and the Olympic torch safely back to Earth Monday morning, NASA said.
Researchers have found evidence cattle farming sprang up in China at the same time cattle domestication took place in the Near East -- around 10,000 years ago.
People prefer to put wearable tech devices on the arm or wrist, rather than on the collar, torso, waste or pants, a U.S. study found.
Tricking the biological clock in algae can boost valuable compounds the marine plants produce when grown in constant light, U.S. researchers say.
Japan's Toyota has announced a concept car that does away with a steering wheel, in which standing drivers would lean and shift their body weight to steer.
A new alloy of aluminum that can store hydrogen could open the door to lightweight, efficient fuel cells of the future, Japanese researchers say.
Officials in Shanghai have unveiled a moon rover they say will be launched with the Chang'e-3, China's third lunar probe set to be fired into space next month.
India's space agency Tuesday launched its first spacecraft to Mars, hoping to join an exclusive group of those who have successfully reached the planet.
Chinese scientists say they are hoping to be able more accurately forecast smog -- long a bane of many Chinese cities -- to be able to issue timely warnings.
Three flutes made from bird bones found in an tomb in central China are evidence remote ancestors played music long before they could write, archaeologists say.
Shakuntala Devi, an Indian child prodigy-mental calculator also known as the "human computer," has been honored with the latest home page doodle from Google.
Proposals by Brazil, Germany and India to create separate networks to block U.S. spying could cause a breakup of the Internet, experts warn.
Crop production could decline as climate change affects soil nutrients, possibly affecting the lives of one-fifth of the world's population, experts say.
Russia and China are being blamed by delegates to an international conference for the failure of plans to protect 1 million square miles of ocean in Antarctica.
The evolution of high-quality vision in our human ancestors may have been driven by a hard-wired fear of snakes, Japanese and Brazilian researchers suggest.
South Korea's LG Electronics has announced detailed specifications for its upcoming curved-screen smartphone, the G Flex.
Russia has successfully launched a communications satellite for the U.S. satellite radio company Sirius, officials said.
New Zealand and Japanese scientists say a joint exploration of deep waters in the Pacific Ocean could yield strategic mineral deposits and new forms of life.
Taiwan has levied fines against South Korean smartphone maker Samsung for defaming the products of rival HTC in fake online reviews.
Japan says it has successfully test fired a "space cannon" intended to blast into an asteroid so samples of it can be gathered by a spacecraft.
India says it is preparing to join a very exclusive club -- those countries that have successfully sent a space probe to the planet Mars.
A Taiwanese research institute says it has developed technology to allow a user's hand to control a computer with a virtual computer screen floating in the air.
Vacation images posted to the Flickr photo-sharing site can show where and when people use natural areas for recreation and tourism, U.S. researchers say.
A Chinese software developer says his new smartphone app will urge users to turn off their phones and get some sleep.
Some ancient human relatives somehow managed to cross one of the world's widest marine barriers in Indonesia to interbreed with modern humans, scientists say.
A species of ocean plankton vital to the food chain is facing extinction with rising sea temperatures and may take fisheries with it, Australian scientists say.
Officials in Uganda say they've seized around two tons of ivory from illegal poaching of elephants, one of the country's biggest such hauls in many years.
Indonesia has passed China as the world's top source of cyberattacks, a U.S. cloud-computing business that serves almost a fifth of global Web traffic says.
Amazon is reportedly entering an agreement with HTC to have the Taiwanese phone maker manufacture Amazon-branded smartphones.
Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has officially announced its HTC One Max smartphone with a 5.9-inch HD display, putting it firmly in "phablet" territory.
T-Mobile has announced a mobile phone plan eliminating extra international fees for data and text messaging it says is aimed at world travelers.
South Korea's Samsung Electronics has announced the Galaxy Round, the world's first smartphone with a curved screen.
The region of China where its three major rivers originate will continue to become warmer and wetter as a result of global warming, monitoring data shows.
Finding life on distant exoplanets may be more difficult than scientists thought, researchers from China, the United States and Argentina said Monday.
A bird 125 million years ago had two distinct kinds of feathers, resembling those of non-flying feathered reptiles and modern birds, Chinese researchers say.
South Korea's LG Electronics says it is ready to start producing flexible displays for smartphones, made from plastic that allows them to bend without breaking.
Today's young people are not all glued to the Internet, a U.S. study shows; only 30 percent of the world's youth has been active online for at least 5 years.
World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has announced a cross-industry coalition that wants to bring cheaper Internet to the developing world.
The question of what evolved first -- a dexterous hand or an agile foot -- has been solved, Japanese researchers say, and it's fingers over toes.
Forty percent of the world's population will be online by the end of the year, still leaving 4.4 billion people unconnected, a U.N. report says.
Recordings of growling tigers have proved effective in scaring off elephants from their crop-destroying incursions into Indian villages, researchers say.
Two new species of opportunistic shelter-using leaf beetles that repurpose existing shelters has been found in western India, researchers said.
Samsung Electronics plans to roll out smartphones with slightly curved screens yet this year, an official of the Seoul-based tech giant said.
A 429-million-year-old fish fossil in China with a modern type of jaw may be the earliest known creature with a recognizable face, researchers said.
A remote camera in Russia's Far East set up to track endangered Siberian tigers captured an image of a golden eagle killing a young sika deer.
Comparison of the genome of a Siberian tiger with those of other big cats provides a resource to study big cats' conservation, South Korean researchers said.
Visionary electronic game developer Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran Nintendo Co. for more than 50 years, has died from pneumonia, the company said Thursday.
International scientists say they've mapped the genomes of the tiger, lion and snow leopard, hoping to bolster efforts to protect the endangered species.
Chinese scientists say they plan to build a new manned submersible to dive as deep as 15,000 feet for scientific research on a majority of the Earth's seabeds.
Japan will be fully without nuclear power on Sunday as Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Oi No. 4 reactor is shut down for regular safety inspections, officials said.
Japan on Saturday launched the first of its new generation of rockets, which will make the county's space missions more affordable, officials said.
Chinese researchers say an alloy of aluminum and antimony in next-generation "phase-change" memory devices may soon transform data-storage technology.
While rhinos, the last remaining species of rhinoceros not endangered, will receive U.S. protection due to an intensifying poaching crisis, officials say.
Male orangutans make travel plans in advance and communicate their plans to others of their species, an ability thought unique to humans, Swiss researchers say.
Massive pumping of groundwater from a clean aquifer in Vietnam is drawing naturally occurring but poisonous arsenic into water supplies, scientists say.
Indian officials have confirmed a November launch date for the country's first mission to Mars, set to launch from a spaceport in the south of the country.
Paleontologists say a 6-million-year-old fossilized skull of a juvenile ape found in southwest China may help unravel the mystery of human origins.
Japanese automaker Honda says it believes smartphones, long considered a distraction for drivers, could protect pedestrians from inattentive motorists.
Japanese researchers say observation of a distant exoplanet in the center of the Milky Way suggests the "super-Earth" likely has a water-rich atmosphere.
Japan's Pioneer has unveiled its NavGate HUD, a head-up display for drivers that projects information on a car windshield equivalent to a 30-inch display.
Samsung has confirmed what has long been rumored, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, unveiling it Wednesday at a consumer tech show in Germany.
A village in China's Hainan province has the world's only floating sea turtle hospital to care for the state-protected endangered species, its founder says.
Japan says it will create a $320 million underground "ice wall" to stop radioactive contaminated water from the damaged Fukushima plant from reaching the sea.
Officials at a Japanese rail company say they've resumed trial runs for the world's fastest magnetic-levitation train intended to reach speeds of 310 mph.
Protecting corridors tigers and leopards use to travel between habitat areas is the best conservation strategy for long-term survival, U.S. scientists say.
The closest ancient relatives of mammals not only survived Earth's greatest mass extinction 252 million years ago but thrived afterward, British scientist say.
Japanese scientists say a butterfly's wing has inspired a nanobiocomposite material that shows promise for use in making wearable electronic devices.
The radioactive plume from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster will reach U.S. shores within 3 years of the date of the incident, Australian researchers say.
Chinese officials report the country was hit with biggest cyberattack it's ever experienced, causing many websites in the country to go temporarily offline.
NASA has released a satellite photo it says shows widespread illegal slash-and-burn fires in Indonesia set deliberately to clear land for palm oil companies.
South Korea's Samsung Electronics has confirmed it will offer a smartwatch wearable computer to consumers, but hasn't committed to a release date.
Flooding in northeast China has inundated famous dinosaur excavation sites and a local museum, officials say, prompting worries valuable fossils may be lost.
A rare brown-and-white panda is being studied at a wildlife center in China where scientists say they're trying to solve the puzzle of its unusual color.
Almost 20 million people across China face health risks from arsenic in groundwater used for cooking and drinking, a study found.
Russia's Roscosmos space agency says it has joined 11 other space agencies in releasing a blueprint for future explorations, including manned missions to Mars.
British officials say they are considering banning the sale of small cellphones designed to resemble car key fobs that remotely unlock vehicle doors.
South Korea's LG Electronics has announced what it says is the highest resolution smartphone screen to date, able to shows crisper images and sharper text.
Epic, ocean-spanning journeys by coral larvae may predict how coral reef distributions will shift with climate change, U.S. and British researchers say.
Home cooking fires and city traffic emissions create 80 percent of the air pollution in China that spreads over large areas of East Asia, researchers say.
Sony has announced the release date for its PlayStation 4, saying the game console will launch in North America on Nov. 15 and Nov. 29 in Europe.
A nearly complete fossil of the oldest ancestor of the "most evolutionarily successful and long-lived mammal lineage" has been found in China, scientists say.
Samsung has confirmed its giant 6.3-inch-display Galaxy Mega smartphone will be available from U.S. carriers AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular.
Australian scientists say satellite and topographic data has provided the most accurate map of the variations in Earth's gravity at locations around the world.
Scientists at NASA say they have been able to use satellites to calculate the relationship between pollution levels and urban population.
Climate change, population and economic growth may increase flood losses in major coastal cities to nine times current levels by 2050, U.K. researchers say.
Archaeologists said Friday they had unearthed a group of tombs in remote western China that date back about 2,500 years.
Apple is looking for an environmental program manager for its growing operations in China, according to its help-wanted ads on LinkedIn.
Kazakhstan's environment minister said Thursday he is "dissatisfied" with the cleanup effort following the crash last month of a Russian space rocket.
Nepal says it will present a seven-point plan on better conservation of snow leopards at an upcoming Global Snow Leopard Conservation conference in Kyrgyzstan.
A study of one of the world's rarest owls found it to be a key indicator of the health of some of the last great forests of Russia's Far East, scientists say.
North Korea has announced its first home-grown smartphone, although Western experts have expressed doubts about its actual origins.
The number of China's snub-nosed monkeys, among the world's most endangered primates, increased from 2,000 to more than 3,000 since the 1990s, officials said.
A giant panda born in captivity gave birth Sunday to a cub in a semi-wild environment in southwestern China's Sichuan province, officials said.
Smartphone maker ZTE says it will sell a handset running the new Firefox operating system in British and U.S. markets but only through eBay.
Radiation from Russia's 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster has had a lasting negative impact on the region's trees, a study suggests.
Officials at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo, citing a number of strong indications, say the zoo's female panda Tian Tian may be pregnant.
A government study of "cancer villages" along a major Chinese river suggests economic growth is taking a heavy toll on the environment, officials say.
South Korea says it has hit the "on" button for a road that can recharge electric vehicles while they drive over it.
A newly discovered fossil of a "proto-mammal" is yielding clues to the evolution of the world's earliest mammals, University of Chicago biologists report.
A proposal by a group of U.S. marine-park and aquarium owners to import 18 beluga whales captured from the wild has been rejected by the federal government.
Chinese researchers say a new material inspired by the way cactus spines pull moisture from desert air can clean oil from water.
Chinese experts say they've uncovered items in the southwest Yunnan province that offer fresh evidence of Japanese germ warfare activities during World War II.
Spam email from from Russia fell in the second quarter of this year, dropping it from seventh to ninth place among the world's spammers, a security firm says.
As the world warms, marine species are shifting their geographic distribution toward cooler regions in response to the change, international scientists say.
A recent trademark filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office suggests Samsung intends to produce a smartwatch, tech watchers say.
Scholars say they're looking for early research on the radiation effects from U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to create a public digital archive.
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said it successfully launched an unmanned cargo transporter headed toward the International Space Station Sunday.
A new survey by Google has found almost half of urban residents in China have smartphones and have a strong attachment to their devices.
Climate change affects the spread of infectious diseases worldwide with serious impacts to human health and biodiversity conservation, disease ecologists say.
Expeditions on Mount Everest will come under closer scrutiny starting next year and a government team will be located at base camps, Nepalese officials say.
Researchers in Pakistan say a smartphone app for sufferers of night blindness can track their location and warn if they are likely to be caught out after dark.
Archaeologists digging at an old church site in Turkey say they found a stone chest containing a relic that may be a part of the wood cross on which Jesus died.
Russian scientists say they've decoded the genome of a 50,000-year-old hose whose remains were found alongside those of an extinct subspecies of humans.
A Hong Kong man says his Galaxy S4 smartphone exploded while connected to its charger. setting off a fire that destroyed his home.
Samsung is denying reports it rigged a chip in its Galaxy S4 smartphone to artificially inflate scores in benchmark tests commonly used by hardware reviewers.
NASA engineers say they are closing in on the cause of a water leak inside the spacesuit of Italy's first spacewalking astronaut that could have drowned him.
Japan's Sony and Panasonic say they're working on a successor to Blu-ray, hoping to offer optical discs holding at least 300 gigabytes of data by 2015.
Officials in China's southernmost province, Hainan, say people chopping down ancient trees can be fined as much as $65,000 per tree under a new law.
Scientists in China report they've grown rudimentary teeth from stem cells taken from an unexpected source -- human urine.
Orangutans in Borneo are coming down from the trees, a newly observed behavior that may show adaptation to habitat change, primatologists say.
A pool of water accumulating in a pit at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant shows an extremely high level of radioactive tritium, officials say.
There is no sufficient scientific basis for claims eating seafood caught in Manila Bay could cause cancer and brain damage, Philippine officials say.
European scientists say they have confirmed a link between earthquakes and underwater releases of methane gas that could increase global greenhouse gas levels.
The Chinese government has committed $500 billion to enhance programs aimed at air and water pollution prevention and treatment, officials said Sunday.
Persistent drought in southwest China's Guizhou province has affected more than 8.37 million people, local officials said.
President Xi Jinping told Shenzhou-10 astronauts and scientists the mission was a perfect finish for the current phase of China's manned space program.
Apple has warned Chinese consumers against using non-Apple chargers after a woman was reportedly electrocuted answering a call on her iPhone as it was charging.
The University of Tokyo says it's urging one of its research groups to retract 43 published papers because they contain falsified data and other irregularities.
Researchers in South Korea say a magnetic stylus that uses existing features on smartphones can provide users with a compatible and simple input tool.
Some of the planet's rarest large mammals may become "victims of fashion" as the cashmere trade threatens ecosystems, U.S. conservationists say.
South Korea says it will ban production and imports of incandescent light bulbs in favor of high-efficient types such as light-emitting diode light bulbs.
Almost 20 percent of South Korean children and teens are addicted to smartphones and suffer anxiety, insomnia and depression when without them, officials say.
Archeologists in China unearthed a rare bronze head with two faces believed to be more than 3,000 years old, officials said.
China said Saturday it has successfully launched three satellites for scientific experiments into space.
Chinese scientists say they've developed an "easy and safe way" to create stem cells to use in cloning to generate tissues and organs for treatment of diseases.
An iPhone-related death in China may have been caused by a third-party, possibly counterfeit charger, an expert says.
China's Internet population reached 591 million at the end of June, a figure fueled mostly by a burgeoning mobile Internet user base, an industry group says.
A committee of the organization overseeing the Internet's top-level domain names has said "no" to allowing ".Amazon" to be controlled by the Seattle retailer.
The operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant says steam is leaking from the reactor building and it will take action to avoid a possible nuclear reaction.
Thailand's government says it questions a consumer group's claim that packaged rice in markets contains methyl bromide, a gas used to control rice bugs.
Japan's iconic Mount Fuji could violently erupt if a major earthquake were to rip open its magma chamber, a team of researchers says.
Something new is coming to Sony's Xperia smartphone line, with a 5-inch screen, a 20.7-megapixel camera and running a 2.2GHz processor, a Taiwan tech site says.
Global sea levels will rise about 7 feet over the next several thousand years for every degree Celsius the planet warms, a U.S. study estimates.
People living at some of the world's highest elevations seem to have evolved to cope with the thinner air, a U.S.-led genetics study suggests.
A nationwide undercover operation resulted in charges against six California residents for selling endangered species and animal parts online, officials said.
Japanese officials inadvertently leaked private government memos when they selected the wrong privacy settings for Google Groups, local media reported.
An observatory being built in Tibet is expected to be the best astronomical observatory in Asia, the president of the International Astronomical Union says.
Fragments of two ancient stone axes found in China bear what could be some of the world's earliest primitive writing, archaeologists say.
The Philippine government says it is declaring all-out war against poachers of wildlife species, especially those endemic to the country.
Scientists in Singapore say they've come up with a way to turn almost any surface, such as a whiteboard, a window or even a wooden tabletop, into a touchscreen.
Air pollution from burning coal in China, in the form of particulates, is likely shortening the lives of people exposed to it, researchers say.
All vessels in international waters should be identifiable by a global tracking system to close a "security loophole" on the high seas, a British group says.
Rising CO2 levels have been "greening" the globe's most arid areas in the past 30 years by "fertilizing" vast tracts of vegetation, Australian researchers say.
A robot built by Honda had problems with gesture recognition on its first day as a museum guide at a science museum in Tokyo, officials said.
Beaches on the Yellow Sea have turned green in the largest algae bloom ever seen in China, possibly from pollution from agriculture or industry, experts said.
Existing copper resources can sustain demand for at least a century, Australian researchers say, contradicting predictions supplies would run out in 30 years.
Climate extremes experienced in the decade 2001-2010 were unprecedented, the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, says in a report.
Sony has announced a 4K Ultra HD media player it says will push HD media to television screens such as its Sony Ultra HD TV.
Thousands of antiquities have been recovered from a 700-year-old shipwreck discovered in Vietnam's central province of Quang Ngai, local media reported.
Apple has filed to trademark the name "iWatch" in Japan, fueling rumors it plans to introduce a wearable computer later this year.
Recent large earthquakes in Japan and Chile caused several volcanoes located on land, parallel to the country's coastlines, to sink, studies found.
Tons of illegal ivory are still sold by dealers who claim it was taken before a worldwide ban, but a new procedure can tests those claims, U.S. researchers say.
China will go forward with development and construction of space labs and plans to launch its second, Tiangong-2, in 2015, an aerospace official said.
A humanoid robot named Kirobo will be used in the world's first communication experiments between a human and a robot in space, Japanese scientists say.
A bird normally found in eastern Asia and Australia made its way to a Scottish island only to meet its demise in a wind turbine, birdwatchers say.
Officials in China's Hebei province say they'll fund a new project to search for early human fossils that may identify a new cradle of mankind.
U.S. and Japanese agencies say they've cooperated on developing a method for analyzing airborne radiological monitoring data following nuclear accidents.
Japan's first shipment of nuclear fuel since the Fukushima crisis of March 2011 arrived early Thursday at the Sea of Japan port of Takahama, officials said.
A South Korean firm has started offering an LTE-Advanced 4G network it says will deliver the fastest 4G data speeds ever made available to consumers.
Scientists in Japan report they've used blood cells from the tail of a donor mouse to create a clone mouse.
A Japanese government panel has approved the world's first clinical research using human induced pluripotent stem cells, officials said.
The Pacific Ocean will probably not have an El Nino effect or its La Nina opposite number through the end of the year, the U.N.'s weather agency said Wednesday.
Robotics researchers in Singapore say their newest robot fish that mimics the movement of a carp could have a number of uses in marine environments.
An international team of scientists says it discovered a new species of bird living in a city of 1.5 million people in Cambodia.
As more and more smartphones seem to resemble tablets, Japan's Sony has joined in by announcing its supersized Xperia Z Ultra phone with a 6.4-inch screen.
An international conservation group says climate change threatens many species thought to be safe, which may leave them out of important conservation actions.
South Korea says it issued a cyberalert after an apparent hacking attack on several government and media websites Tuesday morning.
A giant panda has successfully given birth to twins in southwest China's Sichuan province, the first such birth in the world this year, wildlife officials said.
South Korean electronics giant Samsung says the newest versions of its tablet computer offering, the Galaxy Tab, will go on sale in July.
China's president has spoken with three astronauts conducting scientific tests in the country's orbiting Tiangong-1 space lab module, officials said.
Archaeologists in China say an excavation project in the country's northern Hebei Province could uncover an ancient capital dating back more than 3,000 years.
A Chinese botanist who won the country's top science award in 2007 for work on sustainable use of plant resources and other research has died, officials said.
South Korea's Samsung has unveiled a tablet it says can run both the Windows 8 and the Android operating systems.
One in eight bird species is threatened with extinction, including some familiar ones like barn swallows and purple martins, a report released in Canada said.
Nuclear industry regulators in Japan say the country's two operating nuclear reactors have no serious safety problems and should stay in operation.
Hackers attacked Shanghai's major universities just as student candidates were choosing majors via the universities' official websites, officials said.
A shift from eating meat to more plant-based diets could be one way to help the world meet its food demands by the year 2050, a U.S. report says.
China's second female astronaut has given the country's first-ever video lecture from space, speaking to students about physics in zero-gravity, officials said.
Aircraft equipped with lasers have revealed a lost city near Angkor Wat in Cambodia, hidden for centuries under a dense forest cover, researchers say.
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry is warning users of its Z10 phone of a "critical" bug that could let hackers take over the device and steal files and data.
A Chinese supercomputer performing more than 33 quadrillion calculations per second has taken the computing crown on a list of the world's fastest computers.
United Nations officials say global action is needed to improve responses to the threat of drought around the world.
China has set 10 new rules aimed at improving air quality amid growing concern about the smog that has infiltrated cities in recent years, officials said.
China said this week it would allow three more varieties of genetically modified soybeans to be imported.
A freshwater eel, a popular sushi component, holds the first fluorescent protein found to have naturally occurred in a vertebrate, Japanese researchers said.
Delegates to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, say they made progress toward reaching a new universal climate change agreement.
The launch of the United Nation's official "WeChat" account Friday is a bid to enhance the organization's social media presence in China, U.N. officials said.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is half smartphone and half camera and the most powerful hybrid on the market, the South Korean electronics giant said.
China is outsourcing carbon within its own borders, with rich coastal provinces outsourcing emissions to poorer provinces in the interior, a study indicates.
A U.S. expert says the U.S. Congress should adopt a "more constructive set of policies" that encourages rather than bans U.S.-Chinese collaboration in space.
China successfully launched its fifth manned spacecraft Tuesday with three astronauts aboard, the commander of China's manned space program said.
Carbon dioxide emissions rose a record 1.4 percent in 2012, putting the planet on a course for "disaster," the International Energy Agency in Paris said.
An exhibition of fossils returned to Mongolia after being smuggled into the Unites States has gone on display in the capital of Ulan Bator, officials said.
Asian tigers are facing a potentially deadly threat from a virus carried by domestic dogs, a wildlife expert with a British organization has warned.
The Shiveluch volcano, Russia's northernmost active volcano, is spewing ashes up to 29,500 feet in the air, scientists said Monday.
U.S. scientists say the acoustics of an earthquake can indicate its potential to cause a tsunami, a finding that could lead to a tsunami early warning system.
The world's oldest known fossil primate skeleton, a previously unknown genus, was unearthed from an ancient lakebed in central China, paleontologists say.
U.S. researchers who discovered a new species of ancient Asian lizard say they've named it after the late 1960s rock star Jim Morrison, the "Lizard King."
South Korea smartphone maker Samsung has confirmed it will be offering a Galaxy S4 Active, a rugged, water-resistant version of its flagship device.
U.S. chip giant Intel says its new fourth-generation Core processors will serve as the foundation for a wave of new ultrabooks and 2-in-1 devices.
Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus says its new Transformer Book Trio "three-in-one" laptop-desktop-tablet hybrid will run both Android and Windows 8.
Asian monitor lizards, among the word's largest lizards, are being exploited at unsustainable levels despite regulations and laws in place, researchers say.
Samsung hailed a Dutch court ruling that the company had not violated Apple's patents when designing the Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer.
A team of Japanese archaeologists says it has found a piece of a ceremonial wooden mask believed to be the oldest find of its kind in the country's history.
Chinese scientists say they've found a new way to track solar coronal mass ejections, hazardous ejections of matter from the sun that can affect Earth.
A slimmed-down version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone is on its way, the South Korean smartphone maker confirmed Thursday.
Paleontologists say what may be the oldest creature yet found on the evolutionary line that led to modern birds has been unearthed in China.
South Korea's LG Electronics confirmed what has long been rumored -- a white version of the Nexus 4 pure-Android phone will be available starting this month.
A majority of people on Earth could face severe "self-inflicted" water woes within two generations, leading water scientists warn.
Scientists in Denmark said an inexpensive food supplement helped reduce heart death among patients who had previously suffered heart attacks.
Chinese researchers say they've solved the genetic puzzle of what creates white tigers, seen today only in zoos.
Images found in the file system of Samsung's Galaxy S III phone suggest the company may be working a fingerprint scanning security system, a tech website says.
Geologists in China say they've found gold reserves in a northwestern province that could be worth $32 billion to the country's economy.
An espionage-for-hire service run by a group of Indian hackers was behind spyware recently found on Angolan activist's laptop, security experts say.
Apple is testing a 1.5-inch OLED display for its rumored smart watch and may have ordered an initial iWatch production run, a Taiwanese newspaper says.
Britain's University of Exeter says it has taken its marine biology lecture classes to a new level -- 60 feet beneath the sea off Indonesia, to be exact.
South Korea's LG Electronics says it will unveil an unbreakable and flexible plastic OLED display panel at an industry exhibition in Canada.
Yahoo! Japan is urging users to change their passwords after as many as 22 million log-in names may have been stolen during a hack attack.
South Korea's Samsung Electronics says its on the verge of selling its 10-millionth Galaxy S4 smartphone
The Zoological Society of London has released what it says is the first map of the world's unique and threatened mammals and amphibians.
India's tigers are facing extinction owing to a collapse in the variety of their mating partners and the resultant lack of genetic diversity, scientists say.
Climate change and warming oceans are gradually changing which fish are being featured in seafood markets around the world, Canadian researchers say.
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry says its new low-cost Q5 unit is intended for emerging markets where smartphone use hasn't yet reached a saturation point.
An online "game" could engage citizen scientists to help improve knowledge of the sources of greenhouse gases, Arizona State University scientists say.
A study of snow and ice on Mount Everest shows the world's highest mountain peak is shedding its frozen cloak as glaciers retreat with warming, researchers say.
Climate change could lead to a dramatic decline in more than half of common plants and one-third of the animals in the world, British researchers warn.
South Korea's Samsung says it's working on new mobile data transfer technology that's potentially up to "several hundred times" faster than current 4G networks.
Urbanization in eastern China has a significant impact on the observed surface warming that plays an essential role in regional climate change, scientists say.
The risk of Indian Ocean earthquakes and tsunamis similar to the 2004 Sumatra disaster is greater than previously thought, researchers say.
Conservationists said the critically endangered Sumatran tiger may go extinct from the Jambi province on Sumatra, Indonesia, in a decade.
The amount of carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere reached 400 parts per million, prompting calls for a switch to clean technology.
The number of mobile subscriptions will outpace the number of people living in the world by the end of next year, a U.N. agency said.
Mount Fuji has become visible more often from Tokyo than half a century ago, suggesting the air around the Japanese capital has become cleaner, a survey says.
Bears waking after winter hibernation in Siberia must have slept well as they are better behaved this year than last year, officials said.
A giant panda born in Thailand will travel to China in October to find a mate and then the pair will return to Thailand for 15 years, officials said.
A new system for identifying ecosystems at high risk of degradation is similar to the influential Red List for threatened species, Australian researchers say.
With a satellite launched Tuesday Estonia has joined a not-so-exclusive club, becoming the 41st nation in the world to own a man-made object orbiting in space.
Experts say they've found evidence of a Brazilian "Atlantis," a continent that disappeared after Africa and South America separated 100 million years ago.
Several U.S. cities are on a list of "hot spots" at risk of invasive species hitching rides in ballast water carried into ports by cargo ships, researchers say.
A dinosaur skeleton at the center of an international custody battle and allegations of illegal smuggling is on its way back to Mongolia, U.S. officials say.
A fossilized elephant tusk at least 10,000 years old has been discovered in eastern China's Anhui province, local authorities said Monday.
Languages spoken by billions of people in Europe and Asia have been traced to single mother tongue used in southern Europe 15,000 years ago, researchers say.
Port security workers in Indonesia said they seized about 2,000 turtle eggs and were trying to determine who shipped them.
Vietnam says French investment is helping it prepare to launch its first remote sensing satellite into orbit from the Kourou launch center in Guyana.
China says it is working to unify differing sets of bottled water quality standards in the wake of a public outcry for supervision of the industry.
China has surpassed the United States as the world's biggest market for personal computers, a U.S. market research firm reports.
South Korea's LG Electronics says it is taking orders for the world's first curved-screen television to be available to the public.
China says a high-definition observation satellite launched Friday will improve its capabilities in disaster relief, resources and environment monitoring.
A Chinese government drive to curtail the use of pirated software by government institutions as well as corporations has been successful, officials say.
South Korea's President Park Geun-hye met with Google founder Larry Page Friday to discuss an innovative economy driven by technology, her office said.
A Chinese court has ruled Apple must compensate three Chinese writers for making their books available in iBooks without first seeking their permission.
Google says takedown requests by governments worldwide to remove content from its services have hit an all-time high.
China says is has successfully conducted its first airline flight powered by self-developed biofuel made mainly from palm oil and recycled cooking oil.
The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that shook China's Sichuan Province Saturday has had only limited effects on the region's giant panda habitats, officials said.
Google says the Street View feature of its Google Maps has moved into 50 countries, racking up more than 5 million miles of roadway.
Researchers say summer monsoons important to water and food supplies for more than 1 billion people in Asia may be predictable months in advance.
China was the main source of cyber-espionage attacks in 2012, with Chinese IP addresses accounting for 30 percent of data breaches worldwide, a report says.
Israeli researchers say they've developed a way to use black holes to measure distances of billions of light-years within the universe with a high accuracy.
A small flying dinosaur dubbed Microraptor was a capable aerial hunter, swooping and snatching fish from the water like modern birds, Canadian scientists say.
Earth's temperatures increased more between 1971 and 2000 than during any other three-decade interval in the last 1,400 years, U.S. researchers say.
Russia says it has launched an orbital Noah's Ark to study the effects of spaceflight on animals to prepare for human interplanetary flights.
Brown bears in the Russian region of Kamchatka, said to be some of the world's largest examples of the species, are coming out of hibernation, officials say.
A telephone game has put illiterate Pakistanis in touch with potential employers by educating them on the use of automated voice services, researchers say.
The development of low-carbon energy is progressing too slowly to limit climate change, the International Energy Agency in Paris said Wednesday.
U.S. astronomers say they've observed the most prolific star factory in the universe, a massive galaxy with a huge reservoir of gas for forming new stars.
Officials in Taiwan say they are looking into allegations South Korean smartphone-maker Samsung paid people to write bad online reviews about a rival's phones.
Archaeologists say a tomb unearthed in eastern China may be the final resting place of an emperor regarded as a tyrant in his reign about 1,500 years ago.
Hackers can easily learn a computer user's online purchasing habits and payment methods through Trojans in their computers, a Chinese expert warns.
A genetic analysis of a bird flu strain responsible for at least nine human deaths in China suggests it could evolve to adapt to human cells, researchers say.
The U.N.'s International Court of Justice says Australia will have its day in court in its challenge against Japan's whaling program in Antarctica.
German engineers have unveiled a multipurpose electric 2-wheel vehicle intended to be agile and affordable as a scooter while as safe and comfortable as a car.
Escaping radioactive water plagued efforts to transfer water from a leaking reservoir at Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, the plant operator says.
China and the United States must cooperate on online security to cope with developments in cyberspace, officials of both countries said.
U.S. researchers say a device can turn a cellphone camera into a diagnostic tool for checking for contaminated water or monitoring HIV-positive patients.
Samsung has unveiled the largest smartphone to date, with a 6.3-inch display screen that's only slightly smaller than that of some tablet computers.
Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster may delay the growth of the world nuclear energy market by a decade but will not reverse it, a nuclear power expert says.
Paleontologists working in China say the discovery of the oldest collection of fossilized dinosaur embryos to date is yielding clues to dinosaur development.
A U.S. group says it applauds the government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak for its efforts to protect a globally significant population of rare orangutans.
A U.N. official has issued a call for a better global understanding of the links between forests and society, the economy and the wider world.
Researchers say a possible piece of debris from the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami was discovered on a Northern California beach Sunday.
Dinosaurs may have been a bit cumbersome on land but new evidence suggests they were capable swimmers, able to paddle long distances, Canadian researchers say.
Scientists in Singapore say studies have shown, for the first time, that it is possible for a person's body core temperature to be raised by their brain.
Archaeologists in China say they've discovered rare mural paintings with still-vibrant colors in a 600-year-old tomb dating to the Ming Dynasty.
Global famine early warning systems have a good track record of predicting food shortages but are poor at triggering early action, a British think tank says.
Acid rain has been reduced in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea but the opposite is true in fast-growing East Asian megacities, researchers say.
A difference in the rate of warming in the Northern and Southern hemispheres could significantly alter tropical rainfall patterns, scientists say.
Chinese fishing boats catch about $11.5 billion worth of fish outside their own waters and most of it goes unreported, a Canadian-led study suggests.
Astronomers around the world say they observed a black hole feeding on a low-mass object -- either a brown dwarf or a giant planet -- that strayed too close.
Japanese researchers say China's virtual monopoly on rare earth elements could be weakened following the discovery of vast deposits on the Pacific Ocean floor.
China says its Beidou GPS System, which provides services to government and military users, will soon be available to citizens on public mobile phone services.
A species of shellfish has disappeared along an 18-mile stretch of coast near Japan's devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, scientists say.
China says it plans to create two new scientific research stations in Antarctica and have them operational by 2015.
South Korea says new regulations will ban silent smartphone camera apps that can capture photos without making a shutter click sound.
China says it is planning an April launch for what will be the country's first high-resolution Earth-observation satellite.
A drought lingering in three Chinese provinces since October has affected 23.7 million people, with economic losses of more than $1.1 billion, officials say.
Areas of western India completely devoid of wilderness and with high human populations are attracting backyard wildlife including leopards, experts say.
Russia may at some point use modules it sends to the International Space Station to build its own orbital station, a senior space industry official said.
A Chinese company says it is suing Apple Computer, alleging the Siri digital assistant featured in iPhones and iPads violates patents it holds.
The delay of the HTC One smartphone, the Taiwanese company's eagerly awaited flagship device, is down to a shortage of camera parts, a company executive says.
U.S. and Chinese scientists say mapping a key genetic code for bread wheat could improve the crop's productivity and ability to withstand extreme conditions.
Cities around the world are participating in Earth Hour on Saturday by turning off lights for an hour to raise awareness of global warming, officials said.
Chinese scientists say they have developed the world's lightest material, lighter than air, which could play an important role in tackling pollution.
A restaurateur in Beijing says the robot chef he "employed" last February does "a good job," as robots are set to become a more common sight in the country.
As rumors of an Apple watch grow, competitor Samsung says it's been working on its own smart watch for some time.
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC says shipments of its upcoming and eagerly awaited HTC One model have been delayed because of supply problems.
A Chinese national computer monitoring center says the country's cybersecurity has come under increasingly severe threats amid a variety of safety risks.
It took thousands of years for people in what is now China to go from eating wild plants to growing them, suggesting farming was slow to emerge, scientists say.
Roosters crowing at dawn aren't just reacting to the external stimulus of light, Japanese researchers say; they actually know what time of day it is.
Droughts in China's southwestern Guizhou Province and northwestern Gansu Province have left more than a million people facing water shortages, officials say.
Early birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs with four wings but soon ditched "training wheels" for more efficient two-winged flight, Chinese scientists say.
The largest ground-based telescope on Earth, set to probe the most distant reaches of the universe, was inaugurated in a ceremony in Chile Wednesday.
The White House says China must stop alleged hacking activities against U.S. companies and organizations or risk damaging U.S.-China relations.
NASA says it's giving $4.4 million to five U.S. universities to help the agency build a telescope for deployment on the International Space Station in 2017.
As Japan remembers the 18,000 people dead and missing in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, researchers say they found the massive quake was felt in space.
An endangered species convention meeting in Thailand has voted to extend protection to five shark species and institute controls on their international trade.
Fossils of an extinct human ancestor found in China's Henan Province have been dubbed Luanchan Man, named for the county where they were found, scientists said.
Researchers say determining if marine species reaching the U.S. Northwest on debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami are an ecological threat will be difficult.
Delegates to an endangered species conference in Thailand have voted down a U.S. proposal to ban cross-border trade in polar bears and their parts.
China says a space launch center being built in the tropical island province of Hainan, the country's fourth such facility, will be ready in two years.
An endangered species conference under way in Bangkok should extend protection of sharks and rays being threatened by overfishing, a U.S. wildlife group says.
Wildlife and environmental campaigners say they have asked Google to stop advertisements in Japan by companies selling ivory products.
High arsenic levels in groundwater in Bangladesh are not the result of human activities but instead are part of a natural process, researchers say.
Samsung's next smartphone will include a feature to track a user's eye movements to automatically scroll pages, The New York Times reported.
China's first solid-fuel rocket will be ready to make its first launch before 2016, a senior official in the country's space industry says.
The controversial file-sharing site The Pirate Bay says it is now being hosted by North Korea, after it was driven out of Sweden by threats of legal action.
Protection of the world's rhino, elephant and shark populations from trade in animal parts will highlight endangered species talks in Bangkok, delegates say.
Dust from African and Asian deserts can have an impact on California's water supply by increasing rain and snowfall, researchers say.
Responding to allegations China has hacked U.S. businesses, Chinese government officials claim the United States is behind cyberattacks on its military systems.
China has announced a tentative time period for its next manned space craft launch that will dock with the country's orbiting space laboratory.
A legal trade in rhino horn may be the only chance to save the imperiled animals from extinction, an Australian environmental scientist says.
The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says member countries have agreed to guidelines targeting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
British paleontologists say examination of a fossil of one of Earth's earliest animals shows one of the first evolutionary examples of limbs used for feeding.
U.S. and Japanese researchers say a new system could give football fans watching televised games a new camera angle -- with the camera in the ball itself.
China has shut down 225 pornography websites and closed more than 30,000 blogs or microblogs in a campaign that began last month, officials said Wednesday.
Chinese scientists report they have decoded the genome for a variety of bamboo in hopes of improving it and using the plant as an alternative to wood.
U.S. scientists say they have identified a key element -- human-caused nitrogen emissions -- in China's ongoing battle against severe air pollution.
A 60-million-year-old "micro-continent" has been discovered under islands in the Indian Ocean, hidden under huge masses of lava, scientists say.
Mobile wireless providers will make more money from providing data access than from voice calls by 2018, an industry group says.
Environmental issues rank low and the issue of climate change is not a priority for people around the world, an international study indicates.
Microsoft says it fought off a recent attempt by computer hackers to break through its firewalls and get into the U.S. company's computer systems.
Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has signed legislation to plant 3 million trees, with irrigation systems, in the Karakum Desert this year.
A new climate model predicts more snowfall for Earth's polar regions and highest altitudes but less overall for the world, U.S. researchers say.
Following the meteor explosion in Russia that injured hundreds, a U.N. team has called for international cooperation to face the threat of near-space objects.
A report by a U.S. cybersecurity firm alleges a Chinese military unit is likely behind a cyberattack aimed at American infrastructure and corporations.
China has passed the United States as the world's largest market for active smartphone devices, a report by a U.S. research firm says.
As melting arctic sea ice brings an international rush to claim the region's resources, measures are needed to avoid damage in the region, a U.N. report says.
Asteroids and meteors have been much in the news recently, with an exploding meteor injuring hundreds in Russia and an asteroid making a close fly-by of the Earth, both on Friday.
Residents in California's Bay Area were treated to a rare meteor display overhead Friday night, weather officials said.
Japanese scientists said airborne electromagnetic tests reveal potential groundwater in areas hit by the tsunami that could revive some strawberry farms.
Nearly a fifth of reptile species across the globe are at risk of extinction, researchers at the Zoological Society of London say.
The U.N. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space say it is adding a new agenda item for discussions this year: space weather and its impact on Earth.
Wetland trees are a significant but overlooked source of the greenhouse gas methane in the world's swamps and flooded forests, British researchers say.
One of the world's oldest wild birds, believed to be at least 62 years old, has successfully hatched a chick on Midway Island, scientists said.
Shark attacks in the United States in 2012 were the highest since 2000, while worldwide fatalities stayed near average levels, researchers in Florida said.
Some Indonesian island communities have found an important balance between social well-being and reduced impacts on marine biodiversity, scientists say.
Vacation photographs could help track the movements of giant endangered sharks in the Indian Ocean, researchers at Imperial College London say.
New Zealand needs to prepare for a tsunami like the one that devastated Japan in 2011, a geologist who studied the fault lines near Japan says.
A Japanese newspaper says it has created a smartphone app to "translate" its content into child-friendly articles, complete with animations and explanations.
The contrast between U.S. "me-first" culture and China's "collective-good" mentality shows in differing use of social networking sites, a psychologist says.
The tectonic plate collision between India and Asia that created the Himalayas may have occurred 10 million years later than previously thought, geologists say.
Wildlife officials in Nepal and India say a new census of tigers in the region will be the first-ever joint survey of the animals by the two countries.
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has announced a Windows-powered smartphone to be available exclusively in Africa.
Many Asian bird species are likely to suffer under future climate change, researchers say, and may need a helping hand from humans to adapt.
Chinese archaeologists say they've unearthed a cluster of 102 ancient tombs, almost half of them for infants, in the westernmost part of the country.
Indonesian officials say they plan to create an orangutan rehabilitation center with the ultimate goal of releasing all apes held at such centers into the wild.
Officials from 19 Asian countries have begun discussions on how to reduce air pollutants produced in the Asia-Pacific region, the United Nations announced.
British scientists say research into the mating habits of a critically endangered sea turtle species can help conservationists struggling to save them.
Japan's Environment Ministry says it has designated the Japanese eel as a species at risk of extinction, although the move is not legally binding.
When it comes to Internet speeds, Asia sits both at the very top and the very bottom of the rankings, a survey by a U.S. website monitoring firm says.
The Indian government says it is developing a watch equipped with GPS and a camera it hopes will be useful in the effort to combat rape in the country.
The World Wildlife Fund says a Chinese solar cell manufacturer is the first company in that country to join the fund's Climate Saver program.
South Korea's science minister said Wednesday the country placed a satellite into orbit with the successful launch of its first space rocket.
Primates have been found to modify their body movements to be in tune with others just like humans do, researchers in Japan say.
A new car side-view mirror may eliminate the "blind spot" in traffic without distorting the perceived distance of approaching cars, a U.S. journal reports.
A U.N. study said at least one-in-five people, including half of school-age children, were infected with swine flu in the first year of the pandemic in 2009.
Archaeologists say an ancient Chinese arrowhead unearthed in Okayama City in Western Japan is the first of its kind discovered in the country.
A feathered dinosaur fossil about 12 inches long is older than bird-like dinosaurs from which birds are thought to have evolved, British paleontologists say.
U.S. researchers say it may be possible to predict summer monsoon rainfall and tropical storms that greatly impact the agriculture, economy and people in Asia.
Scientists say some recent massive earthquakes surprised them because the Pacific locations weren't thought capable of producing earthquakes of their magnitude.
A study of critically endangered black macaques in an Indonesian nature reserve shows their numbers have stabilized after years of decline, researchers say.
Cotton with a special coating that collects water from fog is a potential solution to provide water in desert regions, Dutch researchers say.
Samsung has announced an event for March at which it's widely expected to announce its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV, tech watchers are reporting.
Researchers say ancient DNA suggests humans living 40,000 years in China were likely related to many present-day Asians and American Indians.
Apple is rumored to still be working on a larger iPhone but consumers shouldn't expect to see it this year, Chinese tech news website Digitimes says.
A study of ancient cedar trees in Japan suggests the Earth was struck by a blast of radiation during the Middle Ages and researchers think they know the source.
More than 140 countries have agreed on a set of legally binding measures to curb mercury pollution worldwide, the United Nations says.
A red panda, one of Asia's most at-risk species, has been born in New Zealand as part of an international breeding program, officials at the Auckland Zoo said.
Details of about 2,000 major volcanic eruptions occurring over the past 1.8 million years are available in a new open access database, British researchers say.
A Chinese telecommunications provider says the first undersea fiber-optic cable linking the Chinese mainland and Taiwan has been successfully laid.
Indonesia's state telecommunications company says it will install 100,000 WiFi hot spots at select schools across the country this year.
Scientists say examination of fossils in China has shed light on peculiar tentacled marine creatures that lived 520 million years ago.
Ground-nesting Japanese quail are so adept at camouflage females "know" the pattern of their eggs and choose laying spots to hide them best, researchers say.
India's dam-building activities in the Himalayas are a risk to biodiversity and could pose a threat to human lives and livelihoods, researchers say.
The ornamental tropical fish industry, which generates $15 billion annually, faces a global problem with antibiotic resistance, U.S. researchers say.
Japan is moving away from reliance on nuclear power plants after the Fukushima disaster, and plans to plans to build the world's largest offshore wind farm.
Black carbon – common soot -- not only causes smog but is the number two contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide, a U.S. researcher says.
Yaks on the high Tibetan plateau, over-hunted almost to extinction, are making a comeback with a recent count finding nearly 1,000 of them, researchers say.
Just under a third of adults worldwide report having home Internet access, a U.S. poll indicates.
China had 50.9 million new Internet users in 2012, bringing the total to 564 million by the end of the year, official data showed Tuesday.
An Australian biologist has described the discovery of a large green "flying" frog in Vietnam that uses its big webbed feet to glide through forests.
Japanese scientists say they've successfully bred a type of salmon indigenous to the country through the use of surrogate parents of a different species.
Mongolia says dinosaur fossils recovered after being illegally smuggled into the United States will be part of a new museum's exhibits.
A French telecommunications provider says it has teamed with Chinese Internet search giant Baidu on a browser for low-end smartphones sold in Africa.
China says its first high-resolution, stereo mapping satellite meets international standards and the country no longer must rely on imported satellite images.
Apple says reports in The Wall Street Journal and other publications of a possible lower-cost iPhone are incorrect.
Parts of the world's largest mangrove forest are disappearing, taking endangered species like the Bengal tiger with them, British zoologists say.
An archaeological excavation has uncovered human bones from the Neolithic period in a district of Istanbul in Turkey, local media reported.
People in developing countries are facing increasing health and environmental risks linked to exposure to mercury, a U.N. report says.
Russian and Chinese scientists say a count of the leopard population in Russia's Far East shows the big cat's numbers apparently have not declined.
Bangladesh has recorded its lowest temperatures in nearly 60 years, an unexpected result of global warming, scientists said.
Scientists say they've captured footage of a giant squid, long the stuff of legend, in its natural habitat thousands of feet below the sea's surface near Japan.
Chinese company Huawei has announced a smartphone with the largest display screen ever seen, a 6.1-inch device that blurs the line between phone and tablet.
India says it has scaled down its experimental payloads intended to explore Mars in a mission expected to launch in October.
Lenovo has introduced what it calls an "interpersonal PC" -- a multi-user, multi-touch, multi-mode device -- at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The ongoing eruption of the Plosky Tolbachik volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia has sent gas and ashes almost 2-1/2 miles into the sky, officials say.
Archaeologists say they're rushing to collect relics in northwestern China before the area is flooded to store water in a massive water-diversion project.
Dozens of Chinese cities have begun reporting their air pollution levels as the central government moves to toughen environmental standards, authorities say.
South Korean car makers Kia and Hyundai have announced partnerships with Google to feature the U.S. search giant's Google Maps in new vehicles.
Chinese scientists say evidence based on data gleaned from eclipses and Earth tides support the hypothesis that gravity travels at the speed of light.
South Korea's LG Corp. has launched a television with a display technology it says is more energy efficient than LCD or plasma-based alternatives.
Giant pandas produce a powerful antibiotic in their blood stream that may be a rich source of powerful new drugs, Chinese scientists say.
Archaeologists in China say they've excavated about 7,700 pounds of ancient coins in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The first bird-watching database in China, from five years of observations, shows species moving to higher latitudes and elevations, researchers said.
Have you ever sat down for a delicious dish of grilled Patagonian toothfish at your local seafood restaurant? You almost certainly have; you just didn't know it. Which brings us to the point of this article -- it's all about the name.
A Japanese company says it will offer flying drone surveillance technology, previously restricted to governments and the military, to private security firms.
South Korean car maker Hyundai says it's working on a system to allow a driver's smartphone to control many of an automobile's systems.
Japan's nuclear watchdog says it will recommend shutting down a power plant in Fukui Prefecture if a geologic fault under the facility proves to be active.
A leading Japanese phones maker says it plans to sell easy-to-use smartphones for seniors in overseas markets.
Endangered tigers are making a comeback due to better law enforcement, protection of habitat and strong government partnerships, a U.S. wildlife group says.
The first man on the moon, the first American woman in space and Neil Armstrong, a national hero after becoming the first man to set foot on the moon, died at age 82. His family called him a loving family man and "a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job."
In the latest salvo in the tablet price wars, Acer is planning to launch a $99 tablet early next year, sources have told The Wall Street Journal.
Chinese researchers say they've made a breakthrough in constructing tiny integrated circuits, which would help local electronics manufacturers.
Apple is developing a thinner, lighter fifth-generation iPad sharing some design points with the recently released iPad Mini, a Japanese tech blog is reporting.
Indonesia has seen more frequent cyclones with global warming in the past few years and the phenomenon is predicted to increase next year, experts say.
For technology, 2012 seemed equal parts innovation and confrontation as the world's tech giants seemed willing to spend as much time in the courtroom as in their R&D labs.
2012 saw science looking from the cosmically large to the infinitesimally small, from the end of some efforts -- like the Space Shuttle era -- to the beginnings of others, with the search for fundamental physical particles.
A nuclear watchdog agency in Japan says earthquake faults in the country's Aomori Prefecture may be active and could affect many nuclear facilities.
Operators of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan say they've restarted debris removal from the facility's Number 3 reactor building.
Japanese automaker Toyota says it will introduce an option on its new Avalon model to let drivers recharge their cellphones by simply placing them on a mat.
Coal's share of the global energy mix is rising and it could overtake oil as the world's top energy source by 2017, an energy market report says.
Large dust plumes originating in Asia are delivering thousands of species of microbial life to the North American West Coast, biologists say.
A Chinese government laboratory has been set up to research technologies to minimize the damage of nuclear and biochemical disasters, officials said.
Amazon, which already has waded into the tablet wars with the Kindle, is coming out with its own smartphone to be built by Foxconn, a Taiwanese tech site says.
An ancient earthquake that killed the king of Nepal, thought to have occurred deep underground, actually ruptured the Earth's surface, researchers say.
Scientists say evidence suggests a disease currently decimating ash trees in Britain and across Europe originated in Japan.
Chinese scientists say genetic study of the giant panda's population history shows human activities are behind recent population divergence and serious decline.
Authors of a draft report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change leaked by climate skeptic websites say the sites misrepresent some sections.
Apple says it has begun official sales of its iPhone 5 and iPad Mini in Russia and has introduced the new phone in China, industry sources say.
Just when it seemed smartphone displays couldn't get any bigger, tech watchers report South Korea's Samsung is working on a Galaxy Note with a 6.3-inch screen.
An Earth observation satellite has captured an image of an erupting volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula active after 36 years of dormancy, NASA reported.
The United States will not ratify a U.N. telecommunications treaty that could disrupt the makeup of the Internet and threaten online censorship, officials said.
Wildlife crime not only threatens animals but puts the stability of some governments at risk, a report released by the World Wildlife Fund says.
A wildlife conservation group says people in an Indian village deserve praise for their actions in saving an injured tiger that became entangled in barbed wire.
Japanese company Mitsubishi has unveiled a radiation-resistant robot it says can help clean up the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.
A Malaysian Sunda clouded leopard, one of the world's most elusive cats, has been captured in close-up on video shot by a vacationing biologist, scientists say.
South Africa says it has signed an agreement with Vietnam intended to combat the rising illegal slaughter of rhinos for their horns.
A controversial proposal to put U.S. Internet companies such as Google and Facebook under international regulation has been scrapped, U.S. officials said.
Genetic testing has revealed two pandas selected for a "breeding loan" to a Canadian zoo are actually both female, zoo officials said.
China and South Korea are holding a conference on Internet cooperation on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, officials said.
A grant from Google will allow conservationists in Africa and Asia to employ technology for the protection of endangered species, a wildlife group says.
A Canadian biologist say his trek in southwestern China has shattered a myth of "killer mushrooms" being responsible for 400 unexplained deaths in the region.
DNA shows Europe's widespread Romani populations share a common past beginning with an exodus from India 1,500 years ago, researchers say.
Having an extroverted personality could lead to a longer life, Scottish researchers say -- if you're a gorilla.
Japanese electronics company Mitsubishi, the last company producing rear-projection screen televisions, says it is exiting the market for such devices.
Archaeologists say they've found the remains of an ancient imperial palace in China near the tomb of emperor Qin Shi Huang, home of the famous terracotta army.
Geologic features and activity in the Himalayas and the Pacific Northwest suggest those regions could be primed for major earthquakes, researchers say.
Japanese carmaker Toyota says it is developing technology to allow drivers to control certain in-car functions such as radio volume with simple hand gestures.
A brief exposure to very high temperature can "heal" flash memory and increase its usable life to many millions of read-write cycles, researchers in Taiwan say.
Russia's Far East holds seismic and volcanic hazards that could trigger tsunamis and pose a risk to the rest of the Pacific Basin, a U.S. researcher says.
North Korea says it is planning to launch a rocket carrying a satellite in mid-December.
Canada's Research in Motion, hoping for a comeback in the new year, says its new lineup of smartphones will include a model with a full QWERTY keyboard.
Satellites have confirmed mile-thick ice sheets covering Greenland and most of Antarctica are melting at a faster rate in a warming world, scientists say.
The Parsi community in Mumbai says it will build aviaries at one of its most sacred sites so vultures can once again devour human corpses.
Japanese transport officials have unveiled the prototype of their new maglev train they say will be capable of speeds up to 310 miles per hour.
South Korea's Samsung says its latest camera can upload pictures over high-speed fourth-generation (4G) networks without having to be connected to a computer.
An illegal global trade in python skins is threatening the survival of some species of the snake, a report by a U.N. subsidiary organization says.
A Dutch court has ruled Samsung's Galaxy devices running Android versions 2.2.1 to 3.0 infringe an Apple patent and has banned their sale in the Netherlands.
NASA says a study of data from one of its Earth observation satellites shows the year 2010 was a particularly bad year for landslides around the world.
Northern Hemisphere permafrost contains twice as much carbon as the atmosphere and could significantly amplify global warming, a U.N. report says.
Israeli researchers say using a trio of NASA satellites has allowed them to measure levels of air pollution over the world's largest cities.
A large gas tanker ship is set to sail across the arctic from Europe to Japan, now possible with changing climate conditions, officials said.
One of the most nuclear-dependent of Japan's 10 major utility companies says it plans to reactivate two reactors to join two put back online this summer.
North Korea is preparing to launch a new ballistic missile the Japanese Kyodo news agency reported Friday, quoting Japanese government sources.
India has test-fired a ballistic missile interceptor as part of its efforts to create a shield against incoming enemy missiles, defense officials said.
China is one of 13 countries with extreme water shortages and the situation is made worse by widespread water pollution, experts say.
China has released a report it says details its policies and efforts made in the past year to face up to the challenges of global climate change.
The Sumatran tiger population in a national park in Indonesia's Jambi province has been dwindling due to rampant illegal hunting, an official said.
An online petition demanding release of a Beijing man accused of criticizing Chinese authorities on Twitter has hundreds of signatures, Web watchers say.
The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2011, a report from the U.N. World Meteorological Organization says.
In encouraging news for one of the world's rarest species, conservationists report the birth of 91 Siberian tiger cubs in an artificial breeding park in China.
The use of autonomous drones that could fire weapons without human intervention or control must be prohibited by international treaty, a U.S. rights group says.
Astronauts on the International Space Station 240 miles above the Earth have captured a stunning image of Russian volcanoes, NASA says.
A Russian Soyuz spacecraft landed safely in Kazakhstan Monday morning, returning three astronauts to Earth after four-plus months in space, NASA officials said.
Suni Williams handed over command of the International Space Station Saturday to fellow U.S. astronaut Kevin Ford.
Japanese researchers say a water-repellent coating that could be applied to aircraft like a coat of paint may prevent icing in harsh atmospheric conditions.
At least two-thirds of the species that inhabit the world's oceans remain completely unknown to science, a U.N.-sponsored registry of marine animals suggests.
Japanese nuclear regulators and power companies have a history of underestimating the danger posed by active faults near a number of reactors, a scientist says.
Two former importers of vehicles and engines from China have agreed to pay fines for violating the Clean Air Act, U.S. officials said Wednesday.
South Korea's third try to launch its first space satellite may again be put off due to a delay in getting a Russian replacement part, officials said Wednesday.
The European Union says it has postponed plans to extend rules requiring airlines to pay for their carbon emissions for flights to and from non-EU destinations.
Arabica beans, responsible for 70 percent of the world's coffee market, could face extinction due to climate change, researchers at Britain's Kew Gardens say.
Scientists doing a survey of endangered finless porpoises on China's Yangtze River said they also hope to find white-flag dolphins, declared extinct in 2007.
Search giant Google says governments around the world made nearly 21,000 requests for access to Google data in the first six months of this year.
Saudi Arabia intends to have Russia launch two more of its satellites in the next three years, a member of the Saudi royal family says.
Climate models show a threat to bamboo, the staple food of China's giant pandas, could put pressure on the already endangered species, researchers say.
Google appeared to be functioning normally in China this weekend after it was briefly blocked by the government, PC News said.
Legal wrangling over trademarks between Apple and a Taiwan firm that makes Android smart phones has ended with a 10-year agreement, the companies said.
China is set to launch a manned spacecraft in June 2013, a space program official said Saturday.
Customs officials in Russia say they've thwarted an attempt to smuggle 29 rare falcons, worth a total of about $127,000, out of the country.
A South Korean nuclear power plant will be shut down for weeks as regulators investigate cracks found in control rod tunnels, officials said.
A court in South Africa sentenced a Thai man to 40 years in prison for organizing rhino poaching expeditions.
MasterCard says it is introducing a credit card with an LCD display and a keyboard with touch-sensitive buttons that would allow entering banking passwords.
Eleven penguins from an aquarium in Japan have been brought to a South Korean facility to conduct research on the rare species, Korean officials said.
Rigid solar panels that also act as sails for large cargo vessels could produce fuel savings while lowering emissions, Japanese researchers say.
The San Diego Zoo says its newest giant panda cub is now 100 days old, which means following Chinese tradition it's time to name him.
More than 2 billion people are now connected to the Internet but a "digital divide" is denying many in developing countries its benefits, a U.N. official says.
India's summer monsoons, vital for watering the country's farmlands, could see frequent failures in the next two centuries with global warming, researchers say.
Laos says it is going ahead with the construction of a massive dam on the Mekong River despite protests from neighboring countries and environmentalists.
South Korean officials say two nuclear reactors have been shut down when it was discovered some parts used in them hadn't been approved for use.
China faces a losing battle to restore Lake Aibi's ecosystem due to worsening desertification in the region of the salt lake, officials say.
Genomes of people whose homelands stretch from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas will help researchers find genetic roots of diseases, researchers say.
Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, once a city of lush forests and grass fields, has suffered drastic environmental changes due to rapid urbanization, experts say.
Chinese astronauts are training in manual space docking techniques to prepare for manned space missions next year, the program's head says.
An Asian elephant named Koshik can imitate human speech, speaking words in Korean that are readily understood by those who know the language, researchers say.
Bananas could replace potatoes in a warming world as a critical food source for millions of people, a report prepared for the United Nations says.
An unmanned Russian space freighter docked at the International Space Station Wednesday after a launch from Kazakhstan, officials said.
Paleontologists say new flying fish fossils found in China provide the earliest evidence of vertebrates who could glide over water.
Hitachi of Japan says it has agreed to pay $1.12 billion for the rights to build a new generation of nuclear power plants in Britain.
Canadian paleontologists say they've discovered the first fossils of a feathered dinosaur ever found in the Americas, unearthed in Alberta.
City ruins found in northwest China's Shaanxi province covering more than a thousand acres are the largest ever found dating to neolithic China, scientists say.
A flattened 1,800-mile-wide section of the moon was likely caused by a collision with an asteroid the size of Austria, Japanese researchers say.
Apple Inc, whose iPhone software "Siri" triggered an uproar in China by directing users to prostitutes, is now blocking such requests, officials said.
China says a massive radio telescope unveiled in Shanghai will be used to track and collect data from satellites and space probes making space observations.
German paleontologists are reporting a spectacular find of about 1,800 fossilized turtles from the Jurassic era in northwestern China's Xinjiang province.
Elevated radiation levels in fish caught near Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant suggest low-level leaks are still occurring, a marine scientist says.
South Korea says it postponed its launch of Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 Friday due to a problem detected only hours before the scheduled liftoff.
The World Wide Fund for Nature is planning a survey of endangered finless porpoises on China's largest river, the fund's China office said Thursday.
A Russian spaceship with three new crew for the International Space Station docked with the station Thursday, Russia's Flight Control Center said.
A statue that made worldwide news as the "Iron Man" and was purportedly carved from a meteorite a thousand years ago is likely a modern fake, a researcher says.
Japan intends to be launching astronauts into space aboard a manned capsule by 2017, officials with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency say.
Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus says its Taichi notebook computer has two screens that allow it to act as both a traditional laptop and a tablet computer.
South Korean scientists said Wednesday final preparations were on in their third attempt to launch the country's first space satellite rocket later this week.
A Chinese company says it is developing a smartphone with a display akin to those on e-readers to create an Android phone you only have to charge once a week.
Three new members of the Expedition 33 crew were launched toward the International Space Station early Tuesday, officials said.
The United Nations said Monday more surveillance of Internet users is desirable to help in the investigation and prosecution of terrorists.
Archaeologists studying Cambodia's Angkor Wat say a series of canals may have been used as a shortcut to bring 5 million tons of stones to the temple site.
A bird native to the Tibetan plateau region that hadn't been seen for 80 years has been rediscovered high in the region's mountains, wildlife experts say.
Seventy young loggerhead turtles hatched in an aquarium after their nesting beach was eroded by last year's Japanese tsunami have been returned to the sea.
Frogs in Japan have a spike that extends from their thumbs -- like the Wolverine character in the "X-Men" -- and use them as weapons, Japanese researchers say.
Governments must recognize the vital economic and environmental role wetlands play in supporting human life and biodiversity, a U.N.-backed report says.
Engineers in China say unmanned automobiles will travel from Beijing to Tianjin, a distance of 75 miles, sometime next year in a test of driverless technology.
Japanese carmaker Nissan says it plans to sell cars with "steer-by-wire" technology within a year.
U.S. researchers say cosmic rays could be used to gather detailed information from inside the damaged cores of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors in Japan.
Prosecutors say they've charged a Florida man with illegally importing dinosaur fossils from Asia, including one that sold for more than $1 million at auction.
Female Komodo dragons live just half as long as males on average and it's all down to physically demanding "housework," Australian researchers say.
File-sharing website The Pirate Bay, which started in Sweden, says it has moved its servers to the cloud to block attempts to take it offline or shut it down.
Police in China say they've made arrests and broken up 700 gangs using the Internet for various criminal activities ranging from fraud to pornography.
India Tuesday successfully tested a new technology meant to avoid train collision accidents that kill hundreds each year in the country, local media reported.
Illegal slash and burn clearance for palm oil plantations is threatening orangutans in one of Sumatra's richest habitats, conservationists say.
Conservationists at a convention in India have identified 25 species of apes, monkeys, lemurs and other primates at the greatest risk of extinction.
China has plans to increase its forest coverage to 21.66 percent by 2015 in an effort to improve the country's ecological environment, an official said Sunday.
Dangerously high radiation levels will make it difficult to remove melted fuel from a damaged reactor at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, officials said.
About 6 billion people had cellphone subscriptions at the end of 2011, but there were still a billion who did not, a United Nations agency report said.
A 520 million-year-old fossil shows complex brains evolved much earlier than previously thought with little change anatomically since then, U.S. scientists say.
A Google Nexus 10-inch class tablet is being developed in partnership with Samsung and will be co-branded with both names, a U.S. analyst says.
U.S. company SpaceX confirmed Monday an "anomaly on one first-stage engine" in the otherwise successful launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft.
China says it completed a test run of the world's first alpine high-speed rail line running through the country's three northeastern provinces.
Japanese scientists studying endangered wildcats say they've found deposits in their brains of proteins similar to those found in human Alzheimer's patients.
Mouse stem cells have been used to create eggs and sperm producing healthy offspring, a result that may aid human fertility, Japanese scientists say.
Two exoplanets have been detected forming a never-seen-before celestial alignment, a phenomenon so new it doesn't yet have a name, Japanese astronomers say.
A U.S. judge says Samsung can resume U.S. sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, lifting a ban imposed in June during a patent fight between Samsung and Apple.
A report by a British engineering group says the country needs to increase the numbers of science, technology, math and engineering graduates by 50 percent.
The illegal logging industry threatening the world's forests has become very attractive to criminal organizations in the past decade, a U.N. agency says.
A panda house opening at a zoo in northeast China's Liaoning Province is the region's first center for panda breeding and exhibition, officials said.
Smartphone dependency is increasing as people find it hard to keep their hands off their handheld devices, a survey by China's largest Internet portal found.
Internet censorship is increasing as authoritarian regimes attempt to impose more restrictions on online activism, a U.S. watchdog organization reports.
A volcano on the border of China and North Korea is showing signs of increasing activity and could erupt in the next few decades, Chinese researchers say.
A research center set to open in India will work to refine and adapt windmills and solar panels for use in households in rural India, U.S. engineers said.
A large earthquake in the Indian Ocean in April was part of a crustal plate breakup, a phenomenon not observed before, seismologists say.
Japanese researchers say they've conclusively identified the elusive 113th atomic element, setting the stage for Japan to claim naming rights for the element.
A large earthquake in the East Indian Ocean triggered temblors worldwide for nearly a week by priming distant faults to rupture, seismologists say.
German scientists analyzing an ancient Buddhist statue discovered by a Nazi expedition to Tibet in 1938 say it was carved from a rare form of meteorite.
Samsung says Galaxy S3 smartphone owners can download a fix for a vulnerability that could allow someone to remotely delete all personal data from the phone.
Malicious hackers can trigger a full factory reset of Samsung's best-selling Galaxy S3 smartphone, deleting valuable data, a German security researcher says.
The first piece of debris to arrive in Hawaii from the 2011 Japanese tsunami, a barnacle-covered seafood storage bin, has been identified, authorities say.
Japanese electronics firm Hitachi says it has invented a way of storing data that could keep it safe and stable for hundreds of millions of years.
A country's forests must be carefully managed because they play a crucial role in helping achieve sustainable development, a senior U.N. official says.
The tsunami in Japan that triggered the March 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima is prompting a closer look at global nuclear risks, scientists said.
Astronauts have resurfaced following a descent into caves to learn to work together during spaceflight, European Space Agency officials say.
China hasn't finalized a timetable for its manned moon landing program, a senior scientist working on the country's lunar orbiter project said.
China will increase Internet-related cooperation with other emerging nations to cope with increasingly severe challenges in Internet security, an official said.
Astronomers meeting in Beijing say they've agreed on a new definition of the fundamental unit of distance between objects in the solar system.
Cybercriminals have gone further than ever -- even to the delivery chain -- to infect computers with malware, a U.S. study by Microsoft says.
The benefits of thorium as an alternative nuclear fuel representing a safer and more abundant alternative to uranium are "overstated," a British report says.
Researchers with an expedition in Russia's northeastern republic of Yakutia say they've found the "living cells" of a mammoth frozen in permafrost.
A remote park in northwest Bolivia may be the most biologically diverse place on earth, a conservation conference in South Korea has been told.
China's proposal to send eight satellites into space to monitor ocean waters surrounding the country could be more about spying, a British scientist says.
Conservation organizations say a free high-tech tool announced at a South Korea conference will allow grassroots rangers to combat the wildlife poaching crisis.
A global water crisis should be a top concern because of its implications for peace, political stability and economic development, a report issued in York says.
Teaching a computer to interpret human emotions based on lip movements could improve the way people interact with computers, researchers in Malaysia say.
India's space agency marked its 100th mission Sunday when it successfully placed two foreign satellites in orbit around the Earth.
One million more closed-circuit television cameras will be installed in Bangkok to improve public safety, a top police official said.
An increase in air pollution has caused the government of Singapore to warn residents air quality in the city was nearing an "unhealthy" level.
The magma chamber under Japan's Mount Fuji felt so much pressure during a March 2011 earthquake and one of its aftershocks it could erupt, researchers said.
The U.S-based Wildlife Conservation Society says Asian governments must take action to protect Asian species that are at a conservation crossroads.
China says it plans ongoing efforts at artificial weather modification to enhance agricultural production and better serve disaster relief work.
Tigers in Nepal have taken to "working" the night shift to avoid people using the same trails and roads in daytime, U.S. researchers say.
Conservation groups meeting in South Korea Tuesday urged governments to take steps to save sharks and rays from overfishing for international trade.
Some of the wreckage that has traveled across the Pacific from Japan since last year's tsunami is carrying passengers -- Japanese plants and animals.
Hong Kong geologists say they've mapped out the extent of an ancient supervolcano in the territory, the first such discovery of its kind in southeastern China.
Chinese archaeologists say the discovery of tombs and ruins of residential structures in northwest China offers a glimpse into nomadic life in the Bronze Age.
China says it will create the first artificial breeding base for endangered golden monkeys, regarded, along with giant pandas, as a "state treasure."
China's search giant Baidu is in an Internet war with rival search engine Qihoo 360, which alleges Baidu is using aggressive measures to preserve its user base.
Taiwan smartphone maker HTC says it has "no intention" of settling its lawsuit with Apple following Apple's patent infringement victory over Samsung.
Chinese astronomers say they are using survey instruments in Antarctica to search actively for Earth-like planets that may sustain life.
Japan's first offshore floating wind farm began trial operations Wednesday off the coast of the western prefecture of Nagasaki, officials said.
A simple blood test can reveal the state of a person's body clock and whether they are a night owl or a morning person, Japanese researchers say.
World astronomers meeting in Beijing have announced a new Web portal dedicated to protecting astronomical heritage sites around the globe.
Days after winning a $1.05 billion jury verdict against Samsung Electronics Co., Apple Inc. says it is seeking a U.S. sales ban on eight Samsung smartphones.
An alien encounter may not be a pleasant one and it is probably unwise for human beings to be advertising our location, an American Nobel Prize winner says.
Chinese scientists say they are looking for a site to built the world's largest solar telescope to gather data to help understand solar activities.
Researchers in Taiwan say they're using computers to battle the oriental fruit fly, an insect pest that can cause crop losses in the billions of dollars.
South Korea's LG Electronics says its new smartphone that eliminates the gap between the glass and the LCD panel is 30 percent thinner than other smartphones.
An increase in automobile emissions exposed China's Guangdong province to damage from acid rain in the first half of this year, a report found.
Teachers trying to monitor students on a field trip may soon get help from a smartphone if one of the youngsters wanders off, a South Korean researcher says.
A California jury Friday found Samsung infringed Apple smartphone patents, hours after a South Korean court ruled each company infringed the other's patents.
A new soft, transparent and squishy silicone model could offer biology researches hands-on help to learn the secrets of molecules, its Japanese developer said.
India says it is seeking help to identify the sources of doctored images on the Web and false text messages that drove people from various Indian cities.
Myanmar's forest coverage is down to only a fifth of the country's total area and officials say they want a total ban on exporting wood to foreign countries.
A solution to the age-old problem of bananas quickly going overripe before they can be eaten may be at hand thanks to chemistry, U.S. researchers say.
Data has been sent over the first cables linking China and Taiwan in what analysts call a sign of improving relations between the two arms-length neighbors.
An ancient skull discovered in a cave in northern Laos' mountains is the oldest modern human fossil found in Southeast Asia, researchers say.
Of the world's cities, Shanghai is the most vulnerable to serious flooding, a study by European researchers suggests.
The population of the famous Bengal tiger is falling in India due to dwindling prey animals in India's tiger reserves, studies by environmental groups suggest.
Emerging economies in Asia face the greatest financial risk from natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes and storms, British researchers say.
Japanese digital camera maker Canon says it is recalling some cameras over worries a chemical used in their production could cause a skin rash.
The Tibetan Plateau may be as much as twice as old as previously thought, geologists studying mountain ranges along the eastern edge of the plateau said.
Landslides around the world are responsible for 10 times more people dying than previously estimated, a study by a British university found.
Shifting rain patterns due to greenhouse gas emissions mean South Pacific countries could experience either extreme floods or droughts, researchers say.
India's prime minister has announced his country will mount a mission to Mars in 2013, calling it a huge step in the area of science and technology.
A pioneering citizen-science program called eBird launched 10 years ago by Cornell University has recorded its 100-millionth bird observation, researchers said.
Chinese authorities are being urged to prepare for extreme weather during the coming months as El Nino conditions impact seasonal weather patterns.
China says is has set up a research institution in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to protect rare endangered Chinese white dolphins
Have to leave home halfway into a favorite TV show? Just "pull" it onto your tablet and continue watching it seamlessly elsewhere, researchers in Singapore say.
Radioactive materials released into the environment by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan have caused mutations in butterflies, a study indicates.
Japanese electronics maker Casio has announced a range of Android tablets designed to help retail staff do their work, from the shop floor to the stock room.
Researchers in Singapore have announced the creation of the world's highest-resolution photo, capable of being printed at 100,000 dots per inch.
A recent outbreak of algae in Seoul's water reservoirs has led the city government to issue a water quality advisory amid public anxiety, authorities said.
U.S. researchers say they've developed a "soft" robot that inches along like an earthworm and can keep working even after taking a pounding from a hammer.
Some thirsty countries are consuming their groundwater reserves at a rate greater than the reserves can be renewed, a Canadian researchers says.
Chinese computer maker Lenovo has announced its ThinkPad Tablet 2, a Windows 8 slate with optional pen input, will be in U.S. stores in October.
The United States has come under criticism for suggesting the target of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius should be removed from climate talks.
Increased temperatures from climate warming will hurt poor countries and limit their long-term growth, a U.S. researcher says.
A 2,000-year-old wooden bridge found in Shaanxi province, home of the famous Terracotta Army, may have been the world's biggest at that time, scientists say.
Four employees of China's main search engine Baidu have been fired for allegedly taking bribes to delete posts from its forum service, a Baidu spokeswoman said.
A Chinese icebreaker has completed its passage though the arctic Northern Sea Route, marking the first such voyage by a Chinese vessel, officials said.
An increase in extreme heat events since the mid-20th century has been linked to overall climate warming, U.S. researchers say.
The Indian government has approved a mission to send a satellite to orbit Mars next year, officials said.
The United States says it will resist efforts to have control of the Internet transferred to the United Nations.
While Apple and Samsung are locked in battle in a California courtroom over patent disputes, Samsung is preparing to release a new smartphone, analysts say.
U.S. scientists say satellite data show nearly half the dust suspended high in the atmosphere over North America comes from other continents, mostly from Asia.
Many Japanese municipalities are turning their backs on nuclear power and Japan could soon become one of the world's biggest solar power nations, experts say.
A pilot project in China to obtain oil from complex geological structures has been successful, the country's largest oil and gas producer says.
China's Internet search giant Baidu and Sina, which runs the country's most popular Twitter-like social network service, have announced a partnership.
Two men who allegedly stole details of 8.7 million phone users by hacking South Korea's largest land line operator, KT Corp., have been arrested, official said.
The intense urban development of Beijing may have worsened the effects of a violent rainstorm that struck the city last week, Chinese meteorologists say.
Archaeologists in China say they have discovered 12 new underwater cultural relics sites near the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.
A university in Taiwan says it is suing Apple over iPhone's Siri voice assistant app, saying it infringes a speech recognition patent the school filed in 2005.
The world's chickens descend from Southeast Asian common ancestors that Australian researchers say were the "great, great grandmothers of the chicken world."
China says it has successfully tested a new engine for a more powerful rocket that will pave the way for building a space station and even lunar exploration.
Chinese President Hu Jintao met Friday with astronauts, scientists and engineers involved in the country's manned space docking mission, officials said.
A robotic Japanese spaceship safely docked with the International Space Station carrying food, equipment and experiments, controllers said.
Chinese researchers say they've obtained the photographic evidence that a population of the recently discovered snub-nosed monkey lives in China.
A growing number of young Japanese say they are ditching the country's homegrown social networks in favor of foreign counterparts like Facebook.
Mukesh Ambani, India's richest man. has told executives of his energy conglomerate he plans to build one of the world's most advanced wireless networks.
Apple's next iPod Touch media player could share the same tall 4-inch display expected with the next version of the iPhone, a Japanese tech Web site reported.
India's Supreme Court has ordered a ban on tourism in "core zones" of more than 40 of the country's government-run tiger reserves.
China's efforts to improve air quality during its 2008 Olympics show changes in transportation patterns can reduce threats of climate change, scientists say.
The World Wildlife Fund says Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique rank lowest in their report focusing on the illegal rhino horn, ivory and tiger-part trade.
Three-quarters of the world's population have access to a mobile phone, a six-fold increase since 2000, a report by the World Bank said.
South Korea has hit the 100 percent mark in wireless broadband subscribers with 100.6 subscriptions for every 100 inhabitants, a survey shows.
An unmanned rocket carrying more than 4 tons of supplies to the International Space Station was successfully launched from Japan Saturday, officials said.
China says government and business must improve their ability to ward off hackers and data thieves in the face of increasing information security risks.
Japanese automaker Honda says its "connected car" system will provide drivers with content such as Facebook newsfeeds, audiobook libraries and Internet radio.
The 2,500-year-old tree under which Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment is alive and healthy, Indian scientists said Thursday.
Global emissions of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming, increased to an all-time high of 34 billion tons in 2011, European researchers said.
Mobile phones have overtaken computers as the most common way for people to connect to the Internet in China, officials said.
A leopard caught in a dramatic photo with his prey, an Indian bison calf, is the same animal snapped by a camera trap eight years ago, a wildlife group says.
The Solomon Islands has become a center for illegally moving wild birds into the global captive-bred bird trade, a wildlife trade watchdog group says.
Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu says its new smartphone for elderly users has a unique touchscreen and a simplified Android interface.
Conservationists say two snow leopards were captured, fitted with satellite collars and released in the first such effort in Afghanistan.
A high-tech "smart village" built in Malaysia is a potential global template for addressing rural poverty in a sustainable environment, experts say.
Researchers in Japan say they've built a camera that can perfectly track fast-moving objects such as a ping-pong ball in mid-flight.
Extreme global weather in 2011 was caused by back-to-back La Nina phenomena that cooled the planet, U.S. weather experts say.
India's government is expected to give its approval for the country to embark on an unmanned mission to Mars, the Indian Space Research Organization said.
The Japanese government approved a long-term goal to reduce radiation exposure in the disaster-stricken Fukushima prefecture, officials said.
Dens of two female snow leopards with cubs have been located in Mongolia and the first known video of a mother and her cubs has been shot, conservationists say.
The FBI says it is investigating whether a Chinese firm conspired to illegally ship hardware and software purchased from U.S. tech firms to Iran.
Chinese scientists say they have assembled the country's first optical clock, capable of measuring time more precisely than traditional atomic timekeepers.
Genetic studies suggest a controversial hypothesis that the Americas were peopled in three separate migration waves may be true, U.S. researchers say.
The power of the Internet and people's desire for information will break down China's Internet censorship effort, the head of Google says.
A Trojan app, discovered in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, copied address books to a remote server controlled by spammers, security researchers say.
Amazon is rushing to unveil a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet by August, a Chinese newspaper has reported.
Less than 15 percent of the gold and silver used to make cellphones and other electronic products is recovered from the resulting e-waste, a U.N. report says.
U.S. and Chinese researchers say they've complete the first-ever "bottom up" estimates of China's CO2 emissions, measured both at sources and in the air.
South Korea says it proposes to conduct "research" whaling with a program similar to that of Japan, a proposal condemned by many other nations.
Apple Inc.'s Asian component suppliers are preparing for production of an iPad tablet computer with a smaller screen, The Wall Street Journal said.
GOPESHWAR, India, (UPI Asia) – A woman was buried alive in a landslide triggered by heavy rains in the lower Himalayan region in north India, reports said Thursday.
Researchers in India say a new technology could prevent truck or bus drivers and others on the road from using their cell phones while driving.
GUWAHATI, India,July 2 (UPI Asia) --At least 76 people have died and more than two million forced to leave their homes over the last week as monsoon rains triggered floods across India's northeast, officials said Monday.
Sony Computer Entertainment says it has agreed to buy cloud-based U.S. gaming company Gakkai Inc. for approximately $380 million.
Southeast Asian officials said they want to address smog and pollution issues in advance of the dry season that begins in July and can last up to three weeks.
Pottery fragments found in a cave in China suggest an ice age, not the development of agriculture, pushed human ancestors to start cooking, researchers say.
Three Chinese astronauts have successfully completed the country's first manned space docking mission and returned to Earth Friday.
The number of people using their tablet computers to watch television programming has more than doubled in the last year, a U.S. market research company says.
A global strategy to combat foot-and-mouth disease must be based on collective action and solid commitments from all countries, the U.N. food agency says.
China says it will invest $81 million to build a national network to monitor movement in the Earth's crust and for other Earth sciences in the next four years.
U.S. researchers say they have discovered high concentrations of lead in the Indian Ocean despite leaded gasoline having been slowly phased out worldwide.
U.S. officials announced arrests in an action directed at crimes involving stolen credit card, bank account and personal identification information.
Conservationists say Cambodia has become the last refuge for Southeast Asia's vultures facing a slide toward extinction across the continent.
Chinese researchers say they've identified a key gene in rice that could enhance both quality and productivity of the crop at the same time.
Indonesian officials say they have launched an investigation into the death of 12 elephants in Sumatra since March that may have been poisoned.
A skeleton found in an underground cave in western Sri Lanka is believed to be 37,000 years old, an official from the country's Archaeological Department said.
A rare Sumatran rhino has given birth at an Indonesian sanctuary, encouraging researchers concerned for the species' survival, officials said.
Chinese astronauts Sunday, for the first time, successfully completed a manual docking with their country's orbiting lab module, mission controllers said.
Chinese aquanauts took the Jiaolong, a submersible named for a mythical sea dragon, to a depth of 23,015 feet Sunday, officials said.
Russian, American and Japanese astronauts are scheduled to conduct a space walk on the International Space Station, cosmonaut Yury Malanchenko said.
The Thai government says it will give 1 million tablets to first grade students, fulfilling a promise by the ruling Pheu Thai Party in last year's campaign.
Russia and South Korea say they will increase meteorological cooperation for the Winter Olympics the countries will host separately in 2014 and 2018.
Conservationists in Nepal say they will soon start using special drones in an effort to protect endangered species from poachers.
Environmental group Greenpeace says it is launching a campaign to have the arctic region declared a sanctuary by the United Nations.
Thirty-four percent of Internet users age 16 to 60 in Hong Kong have a tablet PC, making it the most penetrated market worldwide, a global study found.
Chinese scientists say they canceled a second dive mission of the Jiaolong submersible because its hydraulic system needed maintenance.
China says three of its astronauts have moved into the cabin of an orbiting module, becoming the first group of Chinese to enter an orbiter in space.
China's Shenzhou-9 spacecraft was launched into orbit Saturday, carrying three astronauts, including the country's first female astronaut, officials said.
A U.S. researcher says he's filmed efforts by an international team trying to save antiquities at an ancient Buddhist site in Afghanistan's Taliban country.
China says the launch of its the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft Saturday will send the country's first female astronaut into space.
Japanese astronomers say they've observed a galaxy they believe is the most distant ever seen, at almost 13 billion light years from Earth.
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is at risk of a devastating earthquake similar to one that leveled the country's previous capital in 1859, researchers say.
"Green grabbing," the appropriation of land for biofuels, carbon-offsetting schemes and conservation, is forcing people from their homelands, a report says.
Archaeologists say wooden tablets found in southwestern Japan and dated to the seventh century are believed to be the oldest census record in Japan's history.
U.S. researchers say they've created genetically modified mosquitoes incapable of transmitting the deadly disease malaria to humans.
Chinese scientists say they've bred the world's first genetically-modified calf that will produce low-lactose milk when it matures in two years.
China's space agency said Saturday it would launch a trio of astronauts into space later this month on a mission to an orbiting Chinese space station.
Chinese scientists report they've launched a DNA test program on 22 human skeletons that date back more than 2,000 years.
Archaeologists in Tibet say they have begun restoration work on ancient frescos depicting life in an ancient Tibetan kingdom.
The United Nations says it is working with Interpol in an initiative to tackle global forest crimes, including illegal logging and timber trafficking.
Following the shutdown of Japan's nuclear reactors in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, the country says it will have to scale back planned cuts in emissions.
China's existing Great Wall, one of the country's treasures, is 13,170 miles long, much longer than a previous survey showed, officials said.
The world needs to seek a "peaceful resolution" in cyberspace to avoid the threat of global cyberwar, a United Nations official says.
The world is on an unsustainable track despite internationally agreed upon goals and objectives on the environment and human well-being, a U.N. report says.
Archaeologists say they're preparing to muck out a salvaged 13th century Chinese merchant ship currently preserved in a giant water tank so they can study it.
China favors peaceful use of outer space and will strive for inclusive development of it with other nations, a senior Chinese diplomat says.
Chinese researchers say they can predict if a particular vessel with a specific cargo on a given area of ocean is likely to be targeted by pirates.
The Chinese government has failed to meet its goal of reducing oxynitride emissions, the country's Vice Minister of Environmental Protection said.
A fossil find in Myanmar suggests the evolution of anthropoids was not rooted solely in Africa as previously thought, researchers say.
NEW DELHI, June 4 (UPI Asia) -- On June 6, 2012, India will wake up to a rare phenomenon. The sun and two of its planets venus and earth will align in a straight line, giving the ball of fire a rare beauty spot.
Japanese researchers say ancient tree ring data suggests Earth may have been the target of an unusual cosmic ray bombardment more than 1,200 years ago.
Hundreds of crown-of-thorns starfish found on a beach in southern Japan became stranded because they were weakened by starvation, researchers say.
Panasonic says it is launching a digital face-painting app for Facebook and mobile devices to support the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Google says it has changed its search page in China to warn users when they type a search term that could cause an interruption in service,
A Chinese-made microprocessor used extensively by the U.S. military has a "backdoor" that allows the chip to be reprogrammed, British researchers allege.
Japan's public broadcasting network says new television technology will offer viewers a picture with 16 times the resolution currently available on HDTVs.
Chinese scientists say they will attempt the deepest dive yet for the country's Jiaolong manned submersible by going 23,000 feet down into the Pacific Ocean.
South Korea's LG Display says its newly announced 5-inch 1080p HD mobile display with a 16:9 aspect ratio is designed with HD content in mind.
Researchers said tuna migrating from coastal Japanese waters to the Southern California area contained radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
A new, highly sophisticated malware threat has the ability to obtain information from infected systems mostly in the Middle East, U.S. security experts say.
Researchers say an ancient mummified Korean child with relatively preserved organs enabled them to identify a unique hepatitis virus common in Southeast Asia.
It took 10 million years for Earth to recover from the greatest mass extinction ever when life was nearly wiped out 250 million years ago, researchers say.
New evidence suggests climate change led to the collapse of the ancient Indus Valley civilization of south Asia 4,000 years ago, U.S. researchers say.
Scientists and lawmakers say debris from the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year is reaching U.S. shores sooner than expected.
Google will unveil its new tablet computer at its I/O conference next month and will give a unit to every developer in attendance, Web site TechnoBuffalo said.
South Korea's president says a new waterway linking the Han River in Seoul to the Yellow Sea will be a key transportation route and a tourist attraction.
Hundreds of extremely endangered antelopes have died in northern Kazakhstan, agricultural officials said.
A leading Chinese meteorologist says the country will employ more rainmaking technology and make better use of it in the next five years.
China's citizens want improved Internet security, with 70 percent reporting their personal information has been leaked online, a survey indicated.
Twitter use following Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster shows social media haven't changed what is communicated so much as how quickly it spreads, a study found.
Catastrophic nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima are more likely to happen than previously assumed, German researchers say.
A tyrannosaur skeleton has sold for $1 million despite efforts to halt its auction by Mongolia, which alleges it may have been taken illegally from the country.
For a full week earlier this month, Google Chrome was the most-used browser in the world, overtaking Internet Explorer, search tracker StatCounter reported.
Mongolian officials are asking a U.S. auction house to halt the Sunday sale of a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, suggesting it was illegally smuggled from their nation.
China had 152 million 3G cellphone users in March, a 10-fold increase in two years, the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.
Japan says it has successfully performed the first commercial launch of a foreign-made satellite, putting a South Korean observation satellite into orbit.
While the United States has the most Facebook users, on a percentage basis the social networking site is more popular in some other countries, Nielsen says.
Equipment to decipher the voice recorder of a crashed Russian passenger jet has been sent from Moscow to Jakarta, Russia's Industry and Trade Ministry reported.
Scientists say climate records from Australasia show there are no other warm periods in the last 1,000 years that match the warming experienced since 1950.
Sumatra, hit by deadly earthquakes and tsunamis in recent years, is at risk from another natural phenomenon, researchers say -- major volcanic eruptions.
Japanese scientists say they've broken the record for wireless data transmission, achieving a rate 20 times higher than the best commonly used WiFi standard.
Vietnam's second satellite has been launched from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, the state-run Vietnam News Agency reported Wednesday.
A significant decline in biodiversity is hitting low-income countries least able to afford it, the World Wildlife Fund reported in Switzerland.
Baidu, China's Internet search giant, has announced its intention to enter the mass smartphone market with a phone running its own mobile operating system.
A Chinese rocket to be used for the launch of the country's first manned spacecraft has been delivered to a launch center in northwest China, officials said.
The next generations of Apple's iPhone and iPad could be ready for consumers in the fall, sources have told tech Web site Digitimes.
Archaeologists working in Turkey say they've found evidence of a forgotten language dating back more than 2,500 years to the time of the Assyrian Empire.
Burial ritual clues found in remote Cambodia are shedding light on the lost history of a little-known mountain-dwelling people, researchers say.
India's Supreme Court has ordered a halt to a government plan to reintroduce the cheetah, wiped out in India by hunting nearly a century ago.
Japanese camera company Fujifilm says its latest digital camera will let users instantly share pictures with family and friends using built-in WiFi.
The government of India says mobile phone manufacturers must reveal the radiation levels of their handsets starting in September.
Chinese archaeologists say they have restored more than 50 Buddha statues from thousands of fragments unearthed in the northern province of Hebei.
Amid increasing human-elephant conflicts ending in the deaths of many of the big animals, Sri Lanka says it is establishing a national conservation center.
India's chronically money-losing state-run airliner, Air India, faced the threat of a pilot strike after number of pilots reported sick Friday forcing an international flight to be cancelled and two others delayed by 16 hours.
Indian officials say wildlife in a marine reserve is declining as smugglers harvest protected species used in traditional Chinese medicines and gourmet dining.
Japanese electronics company Fujitsu says it may introduce easy-to-use smartphones targeted at elderly people in the United States and Europe.
No creature is safe from fleas, not even dinosaurs that had to endure the bites of giant flea-like insects 165 million years ago, a U.S. zoologist says.
Researchers in India say they can detect the presence of a botnet on a computer network and block its malicious activities before it does too much damage.
The government of Rajasthan in western India has cancelled an contract worth $2.2 billion given last year to a government-owned engineering corporation to build power stations.
China has successfully launched two more satellites in its Beidou global navigation and positioning network, authorities said.
BATHINDA (Punjab), April 28 – Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday suggested the government must "rationalize" the prices of petroleum products, including petrol and diesel, which it subsidizes heavily running losses of billions of dollars.
CHENNAI (Tamil Nadu), April 28 – A controversial nuclear power plant built in this southern state of Tamil Nadu may be commissioned "as quickly as possible", an official said here Saturday.
U.S. researchers say pollution created a "warming hole" over eastern U.S. states, a cold patch where the effects of global warming were temporarily obscured.
China's stunning economic growth will continue to be energy-intensive and highly polluting for the foreseeable future, a study says.
Bamboo strips more than 2,300 years old, and bearing portions of a classic Confucian text, have gone on display in China, a university official said.
U.S. astronomers say they've observed an aging star erupting with dust, a natural part of aging for stars that will eventually happen to our own sun.
Oil palm plantations in Borneo will be a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 unless protections are enacted and enforced, a U.S. study says.
Location-based mobile services are the most sought-after services by smartphone users around the world, a British research firm says.
The first camera trap photos of a rare Amur leopard in a Chinese nature reserve suggest the leopards may be returning to the country, U.S. conservationists say.
A U.S.-based group analyzing sulfur limits in gasoline says a slowly recovering economy and uncertainty about the future has delayed fuel quality improvements.
Japanese astronomers say they have determined the distance of the furthest observed galaxy cluster ever seen from Earth.
Japanese wildlife researchers say a crested ibis chick hatched in the wild is the first of the endangered birds born outside captivity in 36 years.
A vividly purple crab with bright scarlet pincers has been discovered on a remote Philippine island German zoologists say.
India now leads the world in junk e-mails, becoming the world's biggest source of Internet spam, a report by a British computer security company says.
Airborne radiation levels in some parts of Japan's Fukushima prefecture are expected to remain at dangerous levels for a decade, a government report says.
Sony says its new Access Glasses will give deaf and hearing-impaired moviegoers closed captioned text in their direct line of sight for both 2D and 3D movies.
The Sri Lankan government, reacting to deadly crocodile attacks, says it may capture the animals and confine them to parks, a move slammed by conservationists.
Chinese officials have denied U.S. accusations that China's progress in space exploration is partly owed to espionage.
Chip maker Intel says the first Intel-powered smartphone will launch this week -- and it will make its appearance in India.
Honda and the Japan Metals & Chemicals Co. say they've established the world's first process to extract rare earth metals from used parts in Honda products.
A Pinsker's Hawk-Eagle chick hatched at a wildlife center in the Philippines is the first example of the species to be born in captivity, conservationists say.
Another 100,000 people may be moved from around China's Three Gorges Dam because of landslides and reservoir bank collapses, Chinese state media reported.
India says it has successfully launched a domestically produced nuclear-capable Agni-V intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of more than 3,000 miles.
Chinese scientists say the world's first transgenic sheep produced with a simplified technique dubbed "handmade cloning" was successfully born.
Customs officials in Bangladesh say they seized more than 400 tortoises, including endangered species, found in suitcases bound for Thailand.
South Korea has begun testing the feasibility of using robots as prison guards by deploying them in an actual prison in Pohang, officials said.
With rice production in Vietnam's fertile Mekong delta threatened by salt water from rising sea levels, researchers say they're turning to genetics for help.
Chinese archaeologists say they've found a cluster of 1,800-year-old tombs in the country's Jiangxi province, including seven believed to belong to one family.
A Jurassic-era dinosaur fossil found in China is the largest such fossil discovered in the country so far, paleontologists said.
The reason a North Korean rocket launched Friday failed may be apparent to experts but probably will never be publicly revealed, a U.S. space expert says.
Tree nests built by orangutans in Indonesia suggest the animals possess complex knowledge of mechanical design and material properties, researchers say.
A species of rat living on one tiny Philippine island and thought extinct has been rediscovered after a search that lasted more than 20 years, scientists say.
A Chinese Web site says a "mini iPad" will be released this year to go up against Windows 8-based tablets.
Some mountain glaciers in Asia are bucking a trend of shrinkage caused by global warming and are actually getting thicker, French researchers say.
El Azizia, Libya, is often called "the world's hottest place," but satellite temperature data shows the honor should go elsewhere, U.S. researchers say.
Countries that are best at preparing their math teachers share several key conditions generally lacking in the United States, researchers say.
A remote area in southwest Tibet may be chosen as the location for a new international astronomical observatory, a leading Chinese astronomer said.
CHENNAI (Tamil Nadu), April 12 – Anti-nuclear activists in Tamil Nadu have demanded that the government not commission a nuclear power plant in the state in view of Wednesday' s powerful earthquake that rocked parts of southern India.
Sony has introduced a "smart" Android-based watch it says will let users read social updates, handle text messages and manage calls directly from the wrist.
Japanese electronics giant Kyocera says it will build a 70-megawatt solar power plant in the southern Japanese city of Kagoshima.
Young Chinese adults say they would pay extra for products that display green credentials, but consumer behavior researchers say they are skeptical.
Catastrophic flood-drought cycles could threaten Asia's rice production and pose a significant threat to millions of people across the region, researchers say.
Internet users in China say they were temporarily unable to access foreign Web sites Thursday, raising speculation the censorship system was being tested.
Japan's Hitachi Ltd. says it's developed an industrial motor without using rare earth metals to reduce dependence on imports of the scarce minerals from China.
Radiation from nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima may not present as much of a threat to wildlife as previously thought, British researchers say.
The U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society says it's launching a global effort to save some of the world's most endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles.
One of the world's largest research charities, Britain's Wellcome Trust, says it will support efforts by scientists to make their work freely available for all.
Radioactive contamination in mushrooms grown 180 miles from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has raised calls for compensation, officials said.
Radiation from Fukushima, Japan, following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami has been detected in giant kelp along the California coast, researchers say.
The loss of large predators like wolves and a resulting rise in populations of moose, deer and other herbivores is disrupting ecosystems, U.S. researchers say.
Web users in Iran say they can't connect to the official London 2012 Olympics site and are redirected to a site with stories from Iran's official news agencies.
A Japanese firm says it is getting ready to mass produce a film coating that will allow scratches on electronic device screens to self-heal.
China says it plans for a new icebreaker, now in the design stage, to be ready to begin polar research operations in 2014.
Japanese and European researchers say they've developed solar cells thinner than a thread of spider silk and flexible enough to be wrapped around a human hair.
Sweden topped a global survey of countries' abilities to use information and communication technologies to boost their competitiveness, a report says.
The use of WiFi networks in homes will double by 2016 with emerging digitally connected life and work styles, a U.S. research company says.
NEW DELHI, April 4 – Kingfisher Airlines, a private airline that has seen its reputation plummet due to financial losses and flight cancellations, now has to cough up Rs. 60 crore ($12 million) in overdue service taxes.
The use of the Internet to promote democracy is most effective in countries already enacting reforms to move in that direction, U.S. researchers say.
Chinese paleontologists say dinosaur fossils found in the northeast of the country represent the biggest feathered dinosaur ever found.
Astronomers in Australia have linked radio telescopes in that country with counterparts in South Korea to create a giant instrument almost 5,000 miles across.
A study of radiation released into the ocean from the crippled reactors in Fukushima, Japan, found elevated levels in the marine environment, its authors say.
LUCKNOW (Uttar Pradesh), April 3 – The newly-elected Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has called upon India's leading software companies to set up their businesses in his state, one of India's industrially most backward.
Two major Chinese microblogging sites said they have suspended their comment functions after being punished by the government for "fabricating" rumors.
British researchers say computer modeling can predict which areas of India are most at risk of malaria outbreaks following changes in monsoon rainfall.
Health experts in China say they oppose letting the national tobacco company, China Tobacco, vie for the country's annual science prize.
India's plan to link more than 30 rivers and divert waters to parched areas to tackle flood and drought cycles is worrying neighboring countries, officials say.
Natural teak forests in Myanmar and elsewhere are declining and the quality of natural-grown teak wood is deteriorating worldwide, a United Nations report says.
Russia and India are in discussions to develop a hypersonic cruise missile and are near agreement on a preliminary design, Indian officials said.
CHENNAI (Tamil Nadu), March 29 – A controversial nuclear power plant at the heart of a massive civil unrest will begin production in two months, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu, where it is located, said Thursday.
The world must make major "climate smart" changes in agriculture to ensure future generations are adequately fed, a report presented in London says.
Chinese researchers say they've developed a computer algorithm to reduce traffic congestion that creates unsustainable pollution and draconian rules in Beijing.
Police in China say they've arrested a man suspected of stealing and then leaking personal information belonging to more than 6 million computer users.
A court in Japan has sided with a Japanese man who wants Google's "autocomplete" search feature suspended because it wrongly links him with criminal activity.
Canadian filmmaker James Cameron Monday became the first person to ride a submarine solo nearly 36,000 feet down into the Mariana Trench, his support crew said.
The International Space Station crew got into two spacecraft that could return them to Earth as a precaution while space debris passed Saturday, officials said.
A giant wasp species with sickle-shaped jaws longer than its forelegs was discovered by an expedition to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, researchers say.
Water scarcity could destabilize countries in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia over the next decade, U.S. intelligence experts say.
Though Madagascar is just 250 miles off Africa's coast, researchers say DNA analysis suggests its first settlers may have been from Indonesia, 5,000 miles away.
U.S. automakers say new cars with three-cylinder engines can give better gas mileage with the same power as the four-cylinder compact sedans Americans buy now.
China's monopoly on rare earths may soon be broken as increasing demand and higher prices make mining in other countries cost-effective, researchers say.
Global illegal logging, mostly run by organized crime with profits going to corrupt officials, makes billions in profit for them, a World Bank report says.
Mankind's earliest ancestors may have started walking on two feet to free up their arms to carry as much food as possible, British and Japanese researchers say.
The construction of the first submarine fiber-optic cables to cross the Arctic Ocean will improve Internet performance between Europe and Asia, researchers say.
Zoologists in Taiwan say they artificially inseminated Yuan Yuan, one of Taipei's giant pandas, because she shows no interest in her partner, Tuan Tuan.
Four large sperm whales died on the beach in Yancheng, China, Saturday, the day after they came ashore, authorities said.
Japanese electronics giant Sony says its new Xperia Sola smartphone allows users to browse the Web by hovering a finger above links they would normally touch.
Human fossils in caves in southwestern China reveal a previously unknown Stone Age people and a glimpse at a recent stage of human evolution, scientists say.
Reporters Without Borders says it has added Bahrain and Belarus to 10 other nations on its annual list of "enemies of the Internet."
Fossils of salamanders found in an ancient dry lakebed in China are the oldest of their kind, researchers say, dating to around 157 million years ago.
A South Korean research laboratory says it plans to work with a Russian university to clone a woolly mammoth, a species extinct for 4,500 years.
China says it will conduct a research expedition in the Northeast Passage, its first attempt to traverse the shipping route also called the Northern Sea Route.
China says its Shenzhou-9 spacecraft, set to dock this summer with its Tiangong-1 space module lab, may include a female astronaut in its crew.
A combination of increasing demand and ongoing climate change are significantly threatening global water supplies, a United Nations report says.
Plutonium levels at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant aren't much higher than what is in the environment from Cold War-era nuclear tests, researchers say.
Japan says its whaling fleet ended its annual antarctic hunt with just a third of its target catch of more than 900 whales, and blamed "sabotage" by activists.
Seabird numbers are falling, with almost half of the world's species' populations believed to be in decline, a review by a British conservancy group found.
The feathers of a winged dinosaur that lived about 130 million years ago may have been more about attracting a mate than flight, researchers say.
The Summer Olympics could be crippled by a solar storm far more potent than the one currently wearing away at Earth's magnetic field, a British physicist said.
The cultural "tightness" of a country can hold back female leadership -- but not always, a Canadian study has found.
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Tour de France concludes in Paris
Race winner Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain (C) stands between second place finisher Christopher Froome of Great Britain (L) and third place finisher Vincenzo Nibali of Italy on the presentation podium following the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris on July 22, 2012. Wiggins of Great Britain became that country's first ever overall winner of the Tour de France. UPI/David Silpa